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  1. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Oasis - Definitely Maybe

    Love the rawness and innocence in Liams vocals (especially Slide Away), don’t get me wrong it really needed the magic that Owen Morris provided but what a great listen 30 years later. I’m sure as usual they will be loads of negative comments but cheers for posting Atypical and you’re right...
  2. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Jonjo Shelvey to Forest

    The one other has a striking resemblance to Ray Winstone
  3. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Brighton v Liverpool itv now

    On the downside, I’m going to miss Klopp moaning about the number of games Liverpool have to play
  4. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Anyone a fan of the short corners to howson yesterday…

    I couldn’t agree more and I’m the same, even if we scored I’d still be fuming about the short corner
  5. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Got a new Job today

    Well done mate, great start to the year and let’s hope your positivity continues at the weekend 😁
  6. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Rod Stewart ringing sky today

    Im afraid you’re both Sailing close to the wind with these kind of jibes
  7. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Hayes on Frozen Pitches

    I suggested the same to our local youth league and got pretty much the same response. My lad now hasn’t played since the first weekend in December and we’re being told to rearrange games for the feb half term and Easter holidays🙈
  8. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Hayes on Frozen Pitches

    Let’s not start bringing in the ‘you must fill the facility to use it’ rule, Sunderland would’ve been kicked out of the SOL a long time ago.
  9. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Sheffield United's Transfer Window

    This is a disgrace, I demand they are hit with 10 point penalty 🤭
  10. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Man City vs Tottenham

    The boos came out against Brighton from some 🙈
  11. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Car insurance

    I know it doesn’t help but sometimes people tell you they’re paying less cos it makes them feel superior (I think it’s called the Sky Subscription Syndrome) I suppose all you can do is use the comparison sites (remember Direct Line aren’t on them and also compare comparison sites don’t just use...
  12. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Car insurance

    Yep a young un
  13. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Car insurance

    Also how old are you, don’t forget a lot on this board are silver surfers (really trying to be polite) so their premiums will be lower, us young uns (tongue very firmly in cheek) have tolerate high car insurance costs 🤭
  14. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Car insurance

    Do you put your driving licence number in when asked as this sometimes brings the cost down?
  15. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Car insurance

    Mine is £600 a year for a Mercedes A class 180 if that helps, but I do have business use on there as it’s a requirement for work. I’ve tried all the comparison sites and I could get it down by about £30 but I e been with One Call for nearly 10 years and they’ve always been ok. They let me pay...
  16. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Early Doors

    Do you like Circus’s Joe 😂😂😂
  17. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Early Doors

    I’m down The Grapes tonight as it’s back on BBC4 tonight, starting our very Mark Benton.
  18. Pak_Doo_Ik

    I can't believe not one of a thousand parents could get this right??????

    Dead easy, As with most questions, if you’re struggling the answer is 42
  19. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Time Wasting & the dark arts

    Adding time will stop it almost instantly, I knew as soon as the PL said they wouldn’t be adopting the same stance FIFA took at the World Cup that it would be as bad as ever. I really don’t see what the issue is with adding the correct amount time on at the end of games, 5 minutes last night for...
  20. Pak_Doo_Ik

    What are your plans for tonight

    We head down to our village hall and meet up with other families, it’s a great occasion as it means the parents can have a few drinks and all the kids have their mates with them. Happy New Year one an all whatever you choose to do and whoever you choose to spend it with 🥂