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  1. J

    Ok window is shut so what’s our new look starting XI

    Mere semantics, chaps.
  2. J


    Don't get the negativity about loans. We've had some stinkers in recent years, but get it right and get a good year out of a player and it can be an excellent strategy.
  3. J


    Confirmed, mate.
  4. J

    Barry Robson with Steve Agnew as his no 2

    But Agnew's completely useless, I've read it on here hundreds of times.
  5. J


    But that point-blank chance he missed earlier in the season when the keeper pulled off a worldie...
  6. J


    *** McGree ** Hackney * Howson. Archer made a huge difference and there were performances all over the park, but that's where the game was won.
  7. J

    The Globe Stockton - Failed vanity project?

    Four costs you more, as the slogan for the doomed campaign to keep Cleveland County Council went.
  8. J

    Anyone on here ever bought gear from Tecaz?

    How much all in?
  9. J

    Kieran Scott at Craven Cottage last night

    If he is a youth scout, he won't last long leaking info like this.
  10. J

    Mogga interview on bbc tees

    Then you didn't have nearly as much respect for him in the first place as you should have had.
  11. J

    "Mighty, mighty Middlesbrough!"

    Love it. Wonder where he's from?
  12. J

    The end?

    Must have been pretty sickening for the Finns to have to pay war reparations to Russia because they had cooperated with the Germans, who were their enemy's enemy.
  13. J

    Jamal Lowe?

    Now saying he's on his way to Leeds Bradford as we speak and deal to be completed today. Can't spell Teesside. And why would a Daily Star journalist put all his stories on Twitter anyway? Very strange behaviour.
  14. J

    Pukki ranks the best players

    Can you list them to save us watching?
  15. J

    Early Doors

    Crime won't crack itself.
  16. J

    The end?

    Tonight's viewing: The Winter War (Russia's invasion of Finland, 1939). I'll be honest, I've been to Sweden but had no idea Russia had ever been a threat to the country and it's only watching this and seeing the map that I realise why Sweden needs people like our man.
  17. J

    Premier League Cup win this afty

    89th minute goal from Bryant Bilongo, we beat West Brom 1-0.
  18. J

    Another nail in the coffin to m'bro town centre shopping

    So you think Labour would have allowed their councillors to serve had Preston asked them at the start of his term? Honest answer?
  19. J

    Another nail in the coffin to m'bro town centre shopping

    But you'd agree to serve on it and contribute if you were asked, of course, for the good of the town?
  20. J

    New windows installation

    Who's the guy?