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    Boro live VPN

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    Paddy McNair

    He's always been rubbish. Rubbish as a midefielder and too soft for a centre half. Only looked half-decent when we played Warnock or Pulis ball as the ball would be quickly punted the the opposite side of the pitch, and he often swung in a good corner and freekick which made him Beckenbauer in...
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    Has Isaiah reached his ceiling?

    His first touch has always been poor - the amount of times the ball slips under his foot is embarrassing for a professional footballer. But this can be improved upon, just needs someone to whack balls at him all week long. However, it could be that it is a concentration issue in which case he is...
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    BBC Tees should have known better! Crooks upfront again
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    I'm still not convinced by Crooks up top but hope I'm proven wrong. I think Forss allows Chuba that yard of extra space to turn and get things going as the defenders drop deeper knowing he's likely to run in-behind, Crooks is more a static striker and doesn't make typical striker runs (yet).
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Blackburn Rovers Match-Day Thread *

    When we signed Forss Brentford fans said he was an instinctive finisher but offered nothing else. From what I have seen that is the case so to put him in as a winger makes no sense. Crooks keeps coming on as a striker in previous games and every time we looked worse as a team. Just because he...
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Burnley Match-Day Thread *

    Send him back in Jan, seen nothing that Roberts can't do just as well as, plus our goalies out on loan are getting good reviews.
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    The ball boys are now great, but . . . .

    I agree with the throw-ins situation. Not hard to get three players moving off the ball and find some space but yesterday it just didn't happen. Felt very sorry for the taker.
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    England Vs France Match Thread

    Don't normally get irritated watching England as I normally don't care enough but this ref has changed that, his decisions are as baffling as some of the championship refs we see
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    What do we need in January?

    You've said cover for Jones but I personally think Jones should be the cover and we bring someone else in who is consistent. Jones will always be inconsistent, he just doesn't have the concentration, look at the two times it went under his foot today, just amateurish. That said, when he's on it...
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    Hayden Hackney

    Best midfielder we have. He's actually happy to receive the ball anywhere on the porch and looks forward. Him, chuba and lenihan are the first 3 names on the team sheet for me
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    BoroLive - PNE

    I'm getting the message of no videos are available when I click to purchase the PNE game through the boro live (the link to click to purchase the video is there but then the next page comes up with an error message), could anyone who normally uses this service see if the same message comes up...
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    FM 23 out to play now - boro manager is vacant

    Finding it a tad too easy. Currently unbeaten in the league with Boro and halfway through the season. Did lose to Fleetwood in the FA cup though. Form send to be taking off as having a few draws. The defeat against Fleetwood has had a massive effect on morale. Only decent signing I've made is...
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Huddersfield Match-Day Thread *

    Could not agree more. He's look rubbish and disinterested. We'll see though.
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    Is Crooks banned tomorrow

    Hopefully, think he needs a test but don't blame him due to his hernia
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Millwall Match-Day Thread *

    He's just not a very good footballer. Had a good purple patch last year but has been average since. If it wasn't for his physicality he'd never get a game. Edit: didn't know he had a hernia so maybe slightly harsh criticism
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    No match day thread ?

    I've tried to be patient with wilder but I always took a dislike to him when he claimed to be an intelligent manager. No manager should be saying they're an intelligent manager, that's for the fans to make their minds up and I've made my mind up. He's an arrogant moron. Might be an intelligent...
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    No match day thread ?

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    No match day thread ?

    McNair is the worst player at the back. Aimless long balls every time. Can't defend. I hate his name on the team sheet. Dijksteel everyday
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    Clear off Wilder

    I've been strongly wilder in but I'm losing faith. He seems inept in turning the tide of a game. We look devoid of ideas.