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  1. Druss_The_Legend

    Sol Bamba

    One of my favourite football related tweets is the one after the penalties against Man U and the touch map of one touch and "I'm too old for this S***"
  2. Druss_The_Legend

    Watmore’s message to fans

    It's been a very good two sided professional situation, Boro helped resurrect his career after the injuries and he gave 100% and made some memorable moments. It's as close to a fairytale as you can get in modern football. But all good things come to an end and I wish him nothing but the best in...
  3. Druss_The_Legend

    Aaron Collins

    From what I have previously read on the Bristol forums, when seeing how they have been rating Josh Coburn. Collins has developed a really good partnership with Josh Coburn. So long term(unless we get promoted) then it would be a good move for the return of the Josh Coburn next season and...
  4. Druss_The_Legend

    Watmore’s replacement is…

    I think we need a left footed centre back! How can we possibly make it through the transfer window and win matches without being linked with a left footed centre back! 😂
  5. Druss_The_Legend

    John Cooper Clarke - Mbrough Town Hall

    Kung Fu international is superb (I think that's the actual name of the poem/song).
  6. Druss_The_Legend

    Barlaser Deal Agreed!

    Luton Vs Rotherham- May 2021. Recognise any of the players names in the Rotherham starting 11?
  7. Druss_The_Legend

    Paddy McNair

    You're joking ain't ya. Fry is from Boro, complaining is what we do best! 😂
  8. Druss_The_Legend

    Great historical trainspotting locations

    I used to live in a former railway station which had been converted into flats. I had a small patio area which was previously the platform. I would sit on my patio and think about all the people who had previously set foot where I was sitting, people going on holiday, people going away to the...
  9. Druss_The_Legend

    Barlaser Deal Agreed!

    Just thinking out loud sort of thing. But could the plan be to play him out wide on the right(same position as Mcgree, but right side)?
  10. Druss_The_Legend

    Who enjoyed the caller about Chuba Akpom Tom Jones sex bomb chant…

    "🎵 He hits the post, he hits the bar, Dan please turn off your Laser🎵". Any good? 😂
  11. Druss_The_Legend

    Wetherspoons closes 39 pubs

    My 'local' one The Last Post- Loughton is closing looking at the list posted on here earlier. I don't drink and don't really go out for meals so I have never been there. Looks quite a nice building, will probably be converted into appartments which sell for £1m each. Only a few minutes walk...
  12. Druss_The_Legend

    The end?

    Annalena Baerbock(German Foreign Minister) has caused a bit of a stir by saying they are at war with Russia, obviously it's been taken out of context, but it seems to have upset a lot of people.
  13. Druss_The_Legend

    Singers or bands with wildlife in their name

    Snoop doggy Dogg. Snoop Dogg. Snoop Lion.
  14. Druss_The_Legend

    The end?

    Maybe little Luka in Belarus has heard that Putin had now been demoted to corpse status, and don't want to get any more involved due to potential further isolation or repercussions from within Belarus . From the start the Belarus people(from what I have read) didn't support them being involved...
  15. Druss_The_Legend

    The end?

    Just after world war 2, the USSR got the Russian version of the scouts or guides to give a wooden plaque to the the new US ambassador. He hung it on his wall but it had some kind of radio transmitter in it and was used to spy on the ambassador, I watched a video on it a while back on YOUTUBE. It...
  16. Druss_The_Legend

    Should we appeal the red card?

    Yeah it's is known as the Man Utd rule, it only applies to certain teams and in certain circumstances by said teams. Unfortunately them rules don't apply to Boro.
  17. Druss_The_Legend

    Boro 96-97 season write up

    The year I started senior school, it was an exciting time to be a Boro fan young enough to not realise the pain being a Boro fan entailed. I would go into the news agents at dinner time at school to check the back of the gazette and be excited about the players we where linked with. Spent too...
  18. Druss_The_Legend

    Not sure if this has been posted but Simon Clarke...

    That is some talent to mange to kick a ball whilst Irish dancing!
  19. Druss_The_Legend

    The end?

    I would think that The US has vast stocks of Abrams throughout US bases in NATO countries, probably some of the earlier models. The US has used them in pretty much every conflict and peacekeeping force for the past 40 years. The main issue with the Abrams as Borolad said is maintaining them and...
  20. Druss_The_Legend

    The end?

    The thing is if(and it is a very big if!) Russia some how defeated Ukraine the chances of some kind of incident that could trigger article 5 are more and more likely, the closer the fighting gets to the NATO borders the chances of an incident which could trigger article 5 increase. Surely it is...