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    11th Bank Of England interest rise in a row

    Not sure low interest rates are resulting in increased inflation I think other factors have caused it. There is an argument as to whether they should have gone up sooner though. Has quantitative easing had any effect on it I was always surprised inflation never took off after all the central...
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    Man Utd vs Fulham

    I imagine it’s frustration which they haven’t handled well. They have been much the better team they will be upset that they weren’t further ahead.
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    Vaping in the stadium

    People who would vape next to someone who can’t move away are incredibly selfish but this is down to the club to sort out. I would raise it formally with them and ask them to highlight it as an issue at matches and then enforce it. It’s only 2 hours when you can be expected not to vape.
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    Trump to be arrested

    It’s quite a different process to what normally their have been a number of grand juries investigating his activities before and post election as president it looks like the one in NY has indicated a prosecution is appropriate re paying off Stormy Daniels. Hopefully he ends up and a lot of his...
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    Hats off to the PNE fans pun intended.

    Yes they were very good a credit to their club.
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    Trump to be arrested

    They have form for that.
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    Trump to be arrested

    The Manhattan one is probably not as bad for him as the Georgia one. His best chance of acquittal is getting a couple of MAGA fiends on the jury.
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    Trump to be arrested

    I think he will surrender to the indictment in New York the gossip is that’s it’s being arranged between his lawyers and the authorities.
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    How do we counter a high press

    Sometimes things don’t go as planned but you have to give credit to Stoke as well. The ref was very lax in allowing them to get close and pull back on at least two occasions he could have booked their players in the first half as we looked to break ( he made some bad mistakes that went in our...
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    Pressure on?

    Stoke played well and they are in form. First half we could have finished it in the first 20 minutes. Second half they were much the better team and we were lucky to get a point. Our passing was off all night but their pressing was good. A point gained as far as I was concerned, it’s the...
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    Stoke Are No Slouches

    Every game now is potential banana skin. This is the Championship, perhaps the most competitive league in the world. We have to be on it from the start and take nothing for granted, if we are I won’t complain win, lose or draw.
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    Should boro talk to the bbc tees

    I think Voltaire said it best “I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” You may not agree with what he said but he has the absolute right to say it. He wouldn’t be able to say things that the government didn’t 1930’s Germany/Russia or in...
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    Should boro talk to the bbc tees

    This is not about politics left or right, it’s about a person giving his views on his own time.
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    Five live sport now in doubt

    Good people need to take a stand. Hopefully the BBC will learn a lesson here.
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    Should boro talk to the bbc tees

    No, somethings are bigger than football and free speech is one of them. Well done Bristol Rovers for declining to speak to the BBC today.
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    Should boro talk to the bbc tees

    Hopefully no. This is such a massive attack on free speech it’s unacceptable, as we move closer to the next election the culture wars will be ramped up. Whatever your politics the right of expressing your opinion in public away must be defended. Please Boro players stand up for what is right...
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    Gary Lineker being reined in

    This is an unbelievable story, a man who has his own twitter account that people choose to follow or not is possibly going to be sanctioned for expressing his opinion! This is scary. If he did on live on MOTD fair enough how far has free speech fallen in this country we may be about to find out.
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    Gary Lineker being reined in

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    Aaron Ramsey

    Forss has been excellent for us playing out of his normal position as well, people were generally surprised today that he was dropped but Ramsey was excellent.
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    I think Forrs on what we know can consider himself unlucky but the staff seem to know what they are doing.