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  1. Billyzin

    19 Leicester Councilors Stood Down.

    Some very strange shenanigans going on there.
  2. Billyzin

    Making room for Ramsey

    When I read title of this thread, The XTC song, "making plans for Nigel", jumped into my head.
  3. Billyzin

    *The Unofficial "official - "The Chase is on" - Boro v Stoke. Match-Day Thread*

    Expecting a tougher game tonight. 3 points again please lads.
  4. Billyzin

    Akpom Goal machine

    Funny lot aren't they.
  5. Billyzin

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Swansea Match-of-the-Day Thread *

    Interesting game this one. 3 points please lads.
  6. Billyzin


    Exactly this.
  7. Billyzin

    BBC apologises for 'failure to scrutinize' Dorries' claims about Sue Gray

    The Tories have placed their own people in key positions within the corporation. What has happened since can't be a surprise.
  8. Billyzin


    Backed Boris Constantly
  9. Billyzin


    Brainwashed Brits Concur
  10. Billyzin


    Braverman's Beyond Contempt
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  12. Billyzin

    Omg GB News TV

    The perfect platform for his filthy invective.
  13. Billyzin

    Any spare Union Jacks handy ?

    Any spare Union Jacks handy ? Braverman has them all.
  14. Billyzin


    Snow. Our idiotic media is obsessed with it.
  15. Billyzin

    Luciana Berger rejoins Labour Party

    "I hope you're left handed otherwise your username is bull****" Exactly this. There are quite a few on here purporting to be Labour supporters, quoting the usual " i used to vote Labour but...." etc. They aren't hard to spot.
  16. Billyzin

    Boris, he's a bit of a lad isn't he?

    De Pfeffel surely.
  17. Billyzin

    Newcastle today

    To be fair to the Mackems there were a lot of them on their message board who were pretty compimentary about us, with quite a few actually expecting us to pip Sheffield Utd to 2nd spot.
  18. Billyzin

    Bozo Nominates his Father for a Knighthood

    F For one awful moment there, i thought De Pfeffel junior was clutching his exposed weiner.🙈
  19. Billyzin

    Bozo Nominates his Father for a Knighthood

    The apple doesn't fall from the tree.