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  1. EuropeTwice

    What is the furthest you have ever walked

    Weatherspoons toilets
  2. EuropeTwice

    Anyone here drink in Navigation pub?

    Maybe that’s why I’m not overly keen on it
  3. EuropeTwice

    Cheltenham betting offers

    Yep I’m also excluded with Sky Bet so they can rot. Paddy Power offering a free £5 bet for tomorrow
  4. EuropeTwice

    Footballers who cycle XI

    Cycle Carrick
  5. EuropeTwice

    Old footballers looked a lot older didn’t they.

    Managers too 😳
  6. EuropeTwice

    Bilic sacked. Wilder to take over

    If that’s the case then he’ll become one of their longest serving managers
  7. EuropeTwice

    Blue Monday 40 years old

    Released on this day back in 1983 Still the biggest selling 12” and still sounds as good
  8. EuropeTwice


    Seen him on the telly during the Sheffield united game (as well as others)
  9. EuropeTwice

    £7 a Pint

  10. EuropeTwice

    Worst away team to play at the riverside?

    Special mention to Man City in 2008 who literally downed tools when Richard Dunne got sent off
  11. EuropeTwice

    Premier league relegation

    Everton, Leeds and West Ham would be delightful Sadly unlikely
  12. EuropeTwice

    Anyone see Yusuf yesterday

    Seen him in the North lower towards the end of the game
  13. EuropeTwice

    Footballers that fight..

    Jason Puncheon
  14. EuropeTwice

    Does anyone on here want the Geordies to win today?

    I’m 100% behind Man Utd today
  15. EuropeTwice

    Ex player transfer scenario

    Bamford, even though he has soiled himself by wearing THAT shirt!!
  16. EuropeTwice

    Skunks or Manure ?

    Man Utd all day long imagine look geordie on Monday if the skunks win? 🤮
  17. EuropeTwice

    Tonight’s Fixtures

    The Liverpool and Mackems results just made my night 👍😀
  18. EuropeTwice

    Mackem Delusion

    Yes but according to their fans they deserve to be above us in the league because they ‘apparently’ played us off the park a few weeks ago. Also they’re a massive club, the biggest outside the PL so they say. 😀😀
  19. EuropeTwice

    Good evening Hoolio

    You can’t beat Rotherham this time of year 😉👍