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  1. Manhead

    Akpom - Outcast to Goal Machine The Times

    I'm pleased he still wants to be here, not sure I would after being thrown under the bus by both Warnock and Wilder. He'd have had 20 already if he had been allowed a pre season as he wouldn't have gotten injured the way he did early in the season. I've not rooted for a player so much in a long...
  2. Manhead

    Good things from Sunderland

    Frankie Stubbs and Leatherface
  3. Manhead

    Flu Years Eve

    Yeah that's what I've got, secondary infection on me lung. It absolutely knacks 😭
  4. Manhead

    Flu Years Eve

    Exactly the same as me, been in bed for over 2 weeks now, since the first day I got back in the UK from work abroad. Really have never felt so bad, finally got antibiotics so hoping they kick in and I can at least have a few days with kids before I go back.
  5. Manhead


    Seeing the way he absolutely destroyed Frys confidence at Reading away was the final straw for me. I had never warmed to Wilder, I'll admit that, but the way the berated Fry and sapped every ounce of confidence out of him before subbing him at half time was disgraceful management. He seemed to...
  6. Manhead

    Michael Carrick

    One of the stark differences for me is that the squad no longer seems so imbalanced and light in midfield. Midfield over the last few games has been the best its been for a long time
  7. Manhead

    Interesting comment from Maddo - us and them

    Maddo made an insightful comment during yesterday's commentary about how the club was United again at Rockliffe. Suggested that the previous management team kept themselves to themselves and clearly didn't engage with the academy set up and other areas within the club. Good to see that Carrick...
  8. Manhead

    ANDOR out today

    I'm a self confessed Star Wars nut so a little blinkered, but these series have given me some of my favorite moments in TV. Kenobi was superb, his character arc and interaction with Leia was marvelous.
  9. Manhead

    Qatar 22

    Way more to the UAE than just hotels and swimming pools. Some amazing camping and outdoor stuff to do
  10. Manhead

    Any developments today?

    Or we have a number of targets and are talking to them and their backroom staff, taking a measured approach and trying to make the best decision for the future of the club.
  11. Manhead


    I used to love Bernie but the older he gets the more bitter and miserable he becomes. He was my hero for many years as a young un but that has dwindled over the years to the point where I now feel a bit sorry for him.
  12. Manhead

    Be interesting what happens to hoppe now

    Can't judge anyine on the Reading game, it was an absolutely awful team performance.
  13. Manhead

    What has really happened?

    Yep, most of our fan base was absolutely fed up of him too. Oh the good old days.
  14. Manhead


    Saw them at the arena early 90s. Tremendous.👍🏻
  15. Manhead

    1finny boycotting the world cup

    And yet PSG are owned by Qatar. Sheer hypocrisy.
  16. Manhead

    Steady the Ship

    Spot on that. The appointment will certainly be a litmus test of how the football department is developing.
  17. Manhead

    The Mars Volta

    Self titled album released and I got to say it's absolutely magnificent. But different to their early stuff but it is easily their best to date, tremendous. 👍🏻
  18. Manhead

    Atmosphere last night

    I wasn't at the game but Wilders post match comments in the Gazette suggest that he was getting some stick from the crowd?
  19. Manhead

    Clear off Wilder

    Can anyone get his post match comments? The page opens on the website and app but no video loads....?
  20. Manhead

    We should all live as the Queen did

    Modern progressive society? Where's that?