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  1. Scrote

    19 Leicester Councilors Stood Down.

    Not particularly. It wasn't a personal dig.
  2. Scrote

    19 Leicester Councilors Stood Down.

    Almost as childish as crying about people not voting for you after you've called them racist.
  3. Scrote

    Beautiful songs that deserved to be bigger

    Probably not the Tom Waitsest Tom Waits but this is heartachingly beautiful...
  4. Scrote

    Beautiful songs that deserved to be bigger

    Beautiful song. This is one of the few serious covers I do: 10000 Maniacs - Verdi Cries:
  5. Scrote

    Film better than the book

    The particular comics that those films were based off varied in quality but some are legendary. The Dark Knight (movie) was inspired by one of the best comics in the genre (Killing Joke) and was by far and away the best of the three movies.
  6. Scrote

    YouGov Poll - 33 Point lead!

    I had that call the other day and was bored so went through it. It was pretty obvious it was commissioned by the Tories when the lady asked who I thought would be best placed to deliver the 18,000 new jobs and the trade benefits of the Freeport. I told her exactly what I thought (although...
  7. Scrote

    Film better than the book

    If we're allowed Blade Runner then we can have Minority Report. There's a few Philip K D!ck stories that have made for great movies but they usually play fast and loose with the source material (Total Recall is another (the Arnie version)). ---edit--- This swear filter is F***ing ridickulous!
  8. Scrote

    Semi Final Draw

    All kicking off...
  9. Scrote

    Nothing Else Matters

    I can do the first four bars. Need to work on the rest...
  10. Scrote

    Covid Origins: Raccoon Dogs

    If it's not the sequel to a movie franchise then it must be the latest theory in the ongoing "where did covid come from" debate. Science article
  11. Scrote

    South stand atmosphere

    The former begot the latter. People moved across to the North Stand for the atmosphere but didn't seem to realise they then had to have some responsibility in creating it. Singing when things are going well is easy. Singing for 90 mins when it's all going wrong on the pitch is a thankless...
  12. Scrote

    Middlesbrough (Town) Lyrics

    I'm not sure what "idly by" means in the context of that line. I'd go with "gathers rust from standing idle" and just use "idle" as a close rhyme with "child" I don't think the second verse works. What is an early drinking hall and why is there smoking on the wall? If it's describing people...
  13. Scrote

    Unconscious Woman on Dockside Road

    I've seen a number of incidents over the past few years with people being hit by cars down there. Nothing major thankfully but there were two guys just a few weeks ago who were very lucky not to sustain serious injuries after a driver came out of one of the units and went straight into them...
  14. Scrote

    Whens the last time we scored a header from a corner?

    That should have been retaken:
  15. Scrote

    Whens the last time we scored a header from a corner?

    That sort of thing really boils my pee. If a defender had run over and put it out for a throw he'd have been yellow carded. The attackers wouldn't have said it was in play. It's unsporting /ungentlemanly in my opinion.
  16. Scrote

    An Irish Goodbye,

    Watched it last night. Really enjoyed it. Keeps just the right side of schmaltz with some excellent performances.
  17. Scrote

    Sheff utd

    The mind is a fragile thing and dropping out of the top two after fighting to hold on could see them implode entirely. Our momentum will count for a great deal if we do overhaul them - even if we have Luton et al chasing close behind.
  18. Scrote


    Is that the same Labour who had MPs out last week criticising Lineker and saying he should apologise? That Labour? The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. I don't need to tell everyone daily that the Tories are evil. It's a given. The fact that so many are willing to turn a...
  19. Scrote


    This is actually part of the problem we're now facing. The Tories have culture-warred and internally poisoned the BBC to the point where the people that would normally defend it have now had enough. The Tories end up getting what they want (no BBC for local radio, world affairs, community...
  20. Scrote

    So who if anyone will do MOTD now

    I was sat in a pub in Oxford last week when Martin Keown walked in. Looked around. Then walked out again. I've also noticed that Clem hasn't tweeted to say he isn't doing MOTD yet...