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    England Under 21s

    Nothing out of the ordinary. The Chelsea player made the difference-Muduake. They just bought him from PSV for about 30 or 40 million!
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    Obviously tough for a keeper maybe more than other positions if you are a number 2 with no realistic chance of playing (not even coming on as a substitute). You have to really train your mind to it, and I think it affected him mentally more than anything else. He's obviously enjoying playing...
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    Paper talk. Charlie Cresswell.

    Saw some of the highlights. 'Bullying' bordering on over the top with some if his elbows!
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    Huddersfield Town

    Huddersfield also sold two of their best players to Forest at the start of the season - O'brien and Toffalo. Can't remember them spending much either. Must be in dire straits financially if in danger of administration.
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    Didier Digard

    I think the Reims manager is the youngest. A belgium Brit who is only in his late 20s/or early 30s I think.
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    Anybody else not get excited to watch England?

    International football has changed massively over the last 10/20 years and continues to do so. More countries particularly in 'Europe', and now the tournaments want just about every country to qualify which makes the qualifiers more and more meaningless - you have to be pretty bad to not qualify...
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    Marcus Forss the development player

    Both Ramsey and Forss are good options. Trust Carrick whoever he plays.
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    Q we posed at the game today have you ever seen us play better than we are now

    Good comparison, especially today. We moved the ball easily down both flanks and through the middle. Preston didn’t know what had hit them and couldn’t cope. More of the same please for the last eight games.
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    Watching forest v skunks

    Newcastle deserved to win. Didn’t think it was a bad game tbh.
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    Blades in strife?

    Ah. I see. So that the deduction comes the following season to have a sporting impact. What happens if you get promoted? Can they deduct the points the next time you are in the championship, even if it's a few years later?
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    Blades in strife?

    I wonder why the EFL has the rule about going into admin before a certain date. Is that to give the 'offending team' time to make good any shortfall in points or for purely competition purposes. Surely if you go into admin at any point in the season or say before June 30th, you should be...
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    Palace sack Viera

    When teams struggle to score goals, you rightly have to worry. Palace have relied on Zaha for a large number of goals in the past few seasons, but he has been out injured a lot this year, and his contract is up in the summer. Unless Palace get a decent striker in the summer (assuming they stay...
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    Nice to read about someone doing good

    I guess the point is the perpetrator and their offspring (future generations) most likely profited/benefitted from their ancestors actions in some way or form, even if they didn't ask for it.
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    Looking at the race for 2nd place objectively

    I'd say an effective team for the championship and probably enough to get the points needed to get over the line in second place. However, very likely to come straight back down by some distance, unless wholesale changes are made (new ownership, manger, etc.).
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    Looking at the race for 2nd place objectively

    If we can take it as deep as possible, you never know. However it has become tighter in the top 6 with both Luton and Blackburn closer to us, so we need to make sure we make the top 6 first and anything more is a bonus. Have been surprised that both Luton and Blackburn have put together a series...
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    It's probably just a habit. Difficult to break especially as you get older. I find it hard to change financial habits and I'm a lot younger than he is. He probably doesn't like wasting money or spending it for spending sake. I'm sure your Mrs will appreciate his frugality if she ultimately...
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    That goal we just conceded was awful

    Steffen didn't cover himself in glory for the goal, but did well otherwise, saving us the points in the end. The way the game went, Stoke would have had chances to equalize and maybe would have done, even without the errors before half time. I guess move on to the next game.
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    Not having Jones on the bench.

    Unless Jones suddenly shows a massive uptick in training, I can't really see him being used that much, if at all in the run in. He's got a big pre-season coming up, to see where his career goes. Atm, he's certainly not the answer if we are struggling to break teams down. Even Forss struggled to...
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    How do we counter a high press

    Our passing was just not up to scratch yesterday. There was a period in the second half where it was really bad. There is no way you can beat the press with poor passing. I didn't think Stoke did much wrong or were overly agressive. We just couldn't play through them. Hopefully just a one off...