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    Depeche Mode new album

    Looking forward to Twickenham too
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    SC query

    It did for my son although we never tried for the whole of the first season so missed out until the season he was 19 when we just decided to try it
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    James (the band) - Classic T-shirt range

    ive seen James so many times but this was the best, really looking forward to this years tour
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    Extra tickets for Sunderland

    showing sold out now for anyone with 170+ :(
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    FA Cup Replays are back....

    not sure there is no interest, i forgot to get my season ticket seats so looking for 2 seats yesterday and there was a lot of stands down to single seats (apart from the north stand, loads in there!)
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    Good “mini” series to watch recommendations

    the queens gambit on netflix although its been out a while so you might have seen it. only watched it last week and enjoyed it - 7 episodes i think.
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    Blackburn on 29th

    I am also interested in a coach to Blackburn if anyone knows of one
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    Paul Heaton/Jacqui Abbot ticket for sale Stockton globe 3 Dec

    if you go on the globe's facebook page thread announcement on this, there are people selling their tickets on there. also there was some on ATG tickets website briefly with returns but not sure if there will be any left now. worth a try
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    Everything but the girl

    i was at university with them (not friends but Tracy was doing the same degree as me) and tracy got the best first class honours degree in English they had ever had, so it has translated well to lyrics and books.
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    John terry anyone?

    absolutely not horrible rascist thug
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    Pension funds would have collapsed today...

    i worked in the civil service through the cameron austerity years and lost my job as a result so its a lot more than negotiating a new photocopier
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    Paul Heaton& Jacqui Abbott. The Globe

    we were on at 9.35 and already sold out by the time everyone purchased their tickets in the basket so effectively sold out in 5 minutes
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    Leeds festival ticket for sale with early entry

    just jumping this back up as still not sold!
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    Leeds festival ticket for sale with early entry

    Need to sell my sons ticket for Leeds Festival looking for around £250. Ticket will be transferred from his account to the buyer
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    TheLodger in the Northern Echo

    i dont really understand the negativity around a local businessman, who uses his own funds and time etc to do very worthwhile charitable activities across a range of excellent causes, then utilising the press and social media to both promote the fundraising (therefore generating more funds) and...
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    Selling old Boro shirts

    My son seems to be collecting old tops so he'd love to add to his collection. There's definitely a market. Let me know where you advertise? I think he's been getting them off ebay
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    Hands Up - Who backed Boris Johnson?

    in my lifetime (nearly 58 years) the Tories have been in power for 39 years of them - so who do you think has actually neglected the north east during this time? and slashed the funding to the local councils which were predominantly labour controlled to ensure the further erosion of the north...
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    Anyone ever been to Heraklion area of Crete

    Heraklion itself is a nice place with a harbour and some interesting museums. There are street stalls every day and lots of shops. Food and drink in the town is generally good and a lot cheaper than the main tourist areas. There's knossos Palace archaeological site with a good tour around and...
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    Who is going to see the killers next week?

    its in the set list for this tour as well