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    Things to do in Bristol - Easter Monday

    The centre of Bristol is now a clean air zone, so check your car is compliant. As said above, Clifton is a lovely area especially the downs and round the suspension bridge. Out of town, Clevedon is a lovely seaside town with views across the channel to Cardiff bay. Bath is a nice day out and...
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    Struggling at my new job - help!

    I havent read the whole string of messages, so apologies if this has already been said. I have come from a semi marketing background and can appreciate some of your difficulties. In my experience the whole area is so broad that you rarely find someone who is good at everything, tending to...
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    Credit Card - switching at end of 0% period

    Most of the merchant fees are kept by Visa/ Mastercard. The banks make money on interest charges.
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    Credit Card - switching at end of 0% period

    Each company will use the data from the Credit Reference Agency in different ways. Some will want to see credit accounts that have been managed correctly. Others dont want to see you have availability to too much credit. Others want to understand if you are going to be a profitable customer...
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    Blue Monday 40 years old

    It is also 40 years since the Austin Maestro was launched. Proves that music is timeless compared to cars.
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    Life is hard.

    As a fellow sufferer, I wish you all the best. I have been in a similar situation and was in a terrible place a few years ago. You do get through it, often it takes you to think differently about things. Then you learn how to live with the condition. You do so many good things for people, I...
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    Bringing your dog to work

    A guy who worked for me would bring his dog in. The dog was lovely and well behaved, however I found that I was looking after him too much, as his owner was out of the office on site visits. Did find it difficult at times, as I needed to go out of the office but couldnt leave the dog unattended...
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    Russia notified ahead of Biden visit

    It could have been Bidens double. Did he also take a goat ?
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    Lizz truss ( remember her) call for fighter jets to be sent to the Ukraine

    She should take the halfwits who voted for her as well,
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    Jeff Winter - Under The Cosh

    Wasnt he watching the match ? :-)
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    Taking the Tesla to Truro?

    I used to live in North Devon. The infrastructure certainly lags behind areas with larger towns and cities. However there are charging points available. The problem is worse in the summer, in a lot of small seaside towns it is hard to get a parking place, never mind one with a charging point...
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    Name the player

    It looks like me !!!
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    F1 - new Mercedes W14 - Back to Black!

    I prefer silver. In my opinion, hearses are black and they only do 20 mph
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    This forum

    I dont know which thread you are referring too, so cant comment on that. However, I do have an interest as my son is trans. I have found, the level of support and understanding from this board to be overwhelmingly positive. There are issues, such as participation in sport that are very...
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    Brit Awards

    Does anybody else think that his singing voice is similar to Kermit the frog ?
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    People not from the Teesside area, and without a Teesside family connection, following the Boro

    Born in Kent, moved to Middlesbrough when I was 5. Parents were from Leeds and loyal fans, I swore my allegiance to Boro in the playground. Moved away from the area aged 9 and have lived in the East Midlands and South West since, and kept my loyalty to the Boro. After 45 years away, I returned...
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    NEW BORO BAME Fans group

    Good luck with setting up your group, in terms of name; Boros Bamy Army
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    TV shows that should be retired…

    Anything involving cooking , dancing, crafting and shopping. Anything that requires celebrities to be involved. Any spin off program, that reviews another program. Any thing that is presented by a camp presenter. I am not being homophobic as I couldn't give a toss about their sexuality, but...
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    Taking a atand

    I was taught to live my life by doing the right thing and not the easy thing. I dont have a big story as you have, but I have stood up in my career and challenged those around me when I thought the course of action was wrong. It has without doubt cost me, missing out on promotions and...