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  1. WindyNook

    Kamil Conteh

    Like a local Sunday league game. Fluke goal for Halifax, goalkeeper clearance hits forward and ball rolls into the net. Gateshead squad decimated by loanees returning to other clubs, they only have 13 players to call on and one of the subs is a keeper Conteh is Gateshead player of the season...
  2. WindyNook

    Most gutted you have ever been as a Boro fan

    3 points debacle. The others were one match. That changed the course of the club.
  3. WindyNook

    Red Faction Says ...

    Clap or wave what a dilemma Is it possible to do both?
  4. WindyNook

    How do you think the match will go - another cagey affair or more open?

    We will go for the jugular 2-0 at half time. And as long as Paddy keeps Gyōkeres in his pocket we should be off to Wemberlee. We are vital to what happens tonight the atmosphere has to be like Steaua Brentford Brighton all rolled into one. If we are on the front foot then the team will be as...
  5. WindyNook

    UK will end up like Russia

    Sunak told in Iceland UK will end up like Russia if it ignores ECHR obligations, Council of Europe parliamentary leader tells Sunak Ben Quinn Rishi Sunak’s hopes of using this week’s summit in Iceland to pave the way for change to the European court of human rights’ power to block migrant...
  6. WindyNook


    He's a mixture of Clayton and Leadbitter. The tackles of Adam and the passing of Grant, plus he's a lot faster than both of them. If he continues to develop he is going to be a hell of a player.
  7. WindyNook


    All that was missing was his famous Brian Phelps impersonation. Showing my age there? Tom Daley for the young uns
  8. WindyNook


    After that display l very much doubt it. McNair purred like a Rolls Royce today with Victor in his pocket all game.
  9. WindyNook

    The Tory Civil War - Has it started? I think so. Its going to be interesting watching them destroy each other.
  10. WindyNook

    * The Unofficial "Official" Coventry v Boro P/off Semi Final 1st Leg Match-day Thread *

    If we stop Coventry plans A>Z. Boot the ball up to Viktor Gyökeres and see what he can do, we should be OK.
  11. WindyNook

    The last person to post on this thread is the coolest

    I'm still waiting for my prize from the other last person to post thread!
  12. WindyNook

    Mackem game on sky

    Well played Sunderland. Luton are a horrible side with little football ability. Now let's concentrate on our game. I CAN'T WAIT COME ON BORO
  13. WindyNook

    Mackem game on sky

    Class football . I'd pay to watch Luton ;)
  14. WindyNook

    Nervous for Sunday

    Sunday's going to be either 0-2 or 2-0 . We don't do draws..... apart from last week's "friendly" Being a positive person I'll go for 0-2 and a Sheff U performance. Carrick will have done the right preparation this week and whatever team we put out will go onto the pitch and do us proud. On...
  15. WindyNook

    Thoughts on Sunday's game

    What about the other 10%? ;)
  16. WindyNook

    How many left for home leg?

    I have bought my seat online. Now trying to buy one for a friend but it won't let me. 1 ticket per person rule. I bet it still won't let me on Friday and l will have to spend hours listening to "Your custom is Important to us"
  17. WindyNook

    Form going into Playoffs

    Still top scorers! If we score more than the opposition over the next 3 games we go up!
  18. WindyNook

    On Line Ticket System ......FFS

    Will have to wait till Friday when they are on general sale. There still should be some left .🤞
  19. WindyNook

    On Line Ticket System ......FFS

    Tried this morning wouldn't let me buy another ticket