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  1. alanmoodysdog

    Chubas latest post on his socials

    if he wont sign a contract extension then we have to move on ... hopefully he can improve his current form next season
  2. alanmoodysdog


    if that strip was red and white would be a canny Boro strip
  3. alanmoodysdog

    Is this the same Coventry team that did a job on us?

    watched the game and feel more down than when we got beat at the riverside, What Carrick must be thinking getting beat of a woeful Cov team. We bottled it at the riverside ,,,,
  4. alanmoodysdog

    It's never ending...Sunak lied to parliament yesterday.

    same old same old .... as I enter my 66th year I am more and more tuned in to the games of the establishment to seek to overide what is the norm for the majority of the taxpayers and seek to elevate themselves away from the laws of this country
  5. alanmoodysdog

    Teemu Pukki

    Very poor when we played them
  6. alanmoodysdog

    Ethan Galbraith

    I always mute it before it starts
  7. alanmoodysdog

    Adam Clayton

    Top chap for us whos form dipped alarmingly near the end of his time here
  8. alanmoodysdog

    We must keep Chuba. (#KEEPCHUBA).

    History tells us we sell if a player in his last year and he wont accept new one
  9. alanmoodysdog

    We must keep Chuba. (#KEEPCHUBA).

    Hes 27,,, maybe last chance for the big time and big bucks
  10. alanmoodysdog

    Songs that are longer than 6 minutes

    Sweet. rambling love song ..... with Kevin Ayers and Elton tinkering the ivories
  11. alanmoodysdog

    Sheffield Uniteds PL budget.

    the prem is a Tale of Two Halfs ... the top and bottom .... Getting points against the lower half teams is priority for survival... The top half will continue to be a huge gulf ... daunting to be amongst saudi backed clubs with seemingly endless budget .... Getting spanked everyweek as well
  12. alanmoodysdog

    Gestede Retires

    clearly couldnt be arsed putting himself out.... my take is was happy to milk the club as he had a bit of previous with the club when at Blackburn with abuse from our fans...... Best I saw him play was in a preseason V Pools when Woody took over , He scored and looked comfortable against a...
  13. alanmoodysdog

    We must keep Chuba. (#KEEPCHUBA).

    Its an ideal time for Chuba to leave of the back of an exeptional season figures wise. One year left on his contract as well. What if he doesnt hit the high notes 23/24 season he may not get the contract he can now when he is sought after...... career wise he should go. Cant see Boro paying...
  14. alanmoodysdog

    Football's most arrogant people?

    Strachan .... end off
  15. alanmoodysdog

    Ryan Giles

    He is a 4 mill player who although a great left foot is average as a LB .... Would love him to stay tho
  16. alanmoodysdog

    Boro players Social Media Blackout

    Zacks not signing then,,,,,,
  17. alanmoodysdog

    Kamil Conteh

    break through in the squad 23-24
  18. alanmoodysdog

    Venturing in to YouTube Covers!

    need to see your hand action matey
  19. alanmoodysdog

    Boro Women

    As they are going to be under MFC umbrella will they get to train at Hurworth?
  20. alanmoodysdog

    Found these while having some work done on house.

    thought all the signage was auctioned of before demolition?