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  1. bostonboro

    Chris Wilder going to Reading

    Probably something like a big daytime TV star, with a shed load of BAFTAS and other awards finding he can't even get a job on GBeebies as Eamon Holmes is already on there
  2. bostonboro

    Gestede Retires

    Like most of his attempts on goal
  3. bostonboro

    The 92 challenge..

    Done all 92 including about 25 teams old & new grounds. Also done 39/72 National League grounds. Total grounds currently 296
  4. bostonboro

    Things nobody said in the 80’s….and go

    yeah I went with 4, as Ch4 existed for most of the 80's
  5. bostonboro

    Things nobody said in the 80’s….and go

    4 TV channels aren't enough. We need hundreds with lots of shows full of z list celebs, wannabe nobodies and people who are famous for been famous
  6. bostonboro

    Chuba Akpom EFL Award

    out of the two managers we've had, I think Carrick has just edged it
  7. bostonboro

    Your 2nd favourite teams (UK and overseas)

    UK - as the username suggests lived in Boston for years and best mate is a big Pilgrim fan. Still try to get to a few games each season Abroad - Tenerife, lived there also and went to games with the Armada Sur, an expat fan club based in the south of the island
  8. bostonboro

    * The Original Unofficial "Official" Boro v Hull Match-Day Thread *

    PNE (A), Burnley (H), Luton (H) and Millwall (A) - I don't fancy their chances of the playoffs
  9. bostonboro

    * The Original Unofficial "Official" Boro v Hull Match-Day Thread *

    Play offs sorted unless we don't pick up another point and Millwall, Blackburn and W Brom win all their remaining games and Millwall also turn around a +22 goal difference
  10. bostonboro

    * The Original Unofficial "Official" Boro v Hull Match-Day Thread *

    Camsell scored 9 hattricks in one season, so must've been close that year
  11. bostonboro

    Marcus Forss the development player

    Diaby said 'can you get me a ticket for the Luton game? I don't have enough points'
  12. bostonboro

    Fallon Sherrock 1st woman to hit a 9 dart finish in a PDC tournament

    Would be incredible if she became the first to do this when the greats, Lowe, Bristow, Taylor, MVG & Jim Bowen etc have all tried and failed
  13. bostonboro

    During the cricket the other night

    One of the NZ bowlers, Henry went, off injured for a while after bowling 5 balls in an over. Southee bowled the final ball, so they would always show as having bowled .5 or .1 respectively after a completed over
  14. bostonboro

    Looking at the Cardiff side

    I'd go for Jim Platt-inum
  15. bostonboro

    Sunderland game

    He might have played 200 games for the Boro, but they've spent most of their time in League One since Dael became a regular in the first team
  16. bostonboro

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Burnley Match-Day Thread *

    That yellow was inevitable, been far too much timewasting
  17. bostonboro


    Not far from Masca is Garrachico and Icod de Los Vinos. I've lived in Los Gigantes before and there's no better place to go on a boat trip besides the giant cliffs or have lunch by the marina Also worth taking a drive up Teide. Even at night it's amazing the clear skies are perfect for star...
  18. bostonboro

    England v Senegal

    Bellingham won't get the assist, but that goal was all about him. Superb play from him. And great finish from Kane