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  1. Anton_Berg

    Best nut

    Cob nuts? No, me neither.
  2. Anton_Berg

    Anthony Taylor attacked by Roma fans

    An echo of Trump and his mob?
  3. Anton_Berg

    Industry on Teesside...

    Good for saving the planet, no doubt.
  4. Anton_Berg

    Michael Portillo Mbro Now

    His hi-vis suit emits subliminal messages that brainwash viewers. See what he did to Bobby Gillespie, when still in the experimental stage.
  5. Anton_Berg

    Some good Yorkshire "derbys" nxt season>>>

    The fewer derbies the better. The crowd lifts the team on a losing streak and expected wins become draws. Then there's injuries due to the 'passion'.
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  7. Anton_Berg

    BBC2 tonight, 6:30pm 'Great Coastal Railway Journeys'

    Portillo goes from Middlesbro' to Boulby!
  8. Anton_Berg

    Lowcocks soda

    Could have sworn there was a Lowcock's version of Iron Brew.
  9. Anton_Berg

    How much would you offer for Hamer right now ?

    Start looking for the next Hamer playing for an obscure European club.
  10. Anton_Berg

    Teams from London

    Luton Airport is widely regarded as one of London's airports, if that helps.
  11. Anton_Berg

    Mizzy - TikTok

    Unfortunately he's not been hurt. A fine of £100 is ridiculous. He's doing TV shows ffs.
  12. Anton_Berg

    We must keep Chuba. (#KEEPCHUBA).

    It's very hard to hang on to an unsettled player. If it was possible to bring together the same (almost) group of players as last season and hit the ground running, then it might be worth offering money to try and tempt him away from his S. London home. If however, you are replacing 4 - 6...
  13. Anton_Berg

    Songs that are longer than 6 minutes

    'One of those days in England' Roy Harper.
  14. Anton_Berg

    1-11 squad numbers next season

    Should be alphabetical in case a player thinks it actually matters what number they have and falls out over it. ed. On second thoughts, age would be better.
  15. Anton_Berg

    Boro fans wanting Leeds to stay up at Everton's expense

    Leeds is almost a derby match. You don't want too many of those if you're trying to get promoted. Then again, why should Everton always escape the drop?
  16. Anton_Berg

    Kamil Conteh

    At last, some interest on here in home grown players (see also Coburn).
  17. Anton_Berg

    Who`s up for Plymouth at Home Park nxt season?

    The worst train journey I've ever been on was Plymouth to Darlo, cross-country route when it was Virgin. It went via Newport, but there was so much more than that.
  18. Anton_Berg

    Steffen: Keep or Dump?

    There are so many 'keepers. You shouldn't have to pay PL money to get a decent one.
  19. Anton_Berg

    Why no Barlaser...

  20. Anton_Berg

    Time machine time - You can change 1 Boro moment ...

    Alternatively, if we'd lost to Leicester in normal time, that would also have avoided the domino effect. Eventually we won the LC, but the FAC has got further and further out of reach over the years.