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  1. MrMacca

    Virgin Media

    I currently pay £69 a month for 1gig Internet, all movies, a 360 box upstairs in the bedroom as well as bt sports and sky sports. They wanted to put my bill up by £21. I rang up and explained I wasn't happy with the increase. They locked my price in till August, which is when my contract ends...
  2. MrMacca

    Luther's back!!

    What I didn't understand is how could a man holding a knife to the throat of another man, stood in a busy area not have a single person recording video footage. Which would then appear online and on the news... Too far fetched, and Ive always really Enjoyed Luther.
  3. MrMacca

    The Last of Us TV Show

    Fantastic podcast hosted by the voice actor for Joel in the game, the director of the TV shows and the guy who also wrote the game. Explain alot of the decisions made throughout the episodes. And explained in the 3rd podcast, the games always started with an open window, with curtains...
  4. MrMacca

    What was the song you danced to at your wedding?

    Sam Cooke - nothing can change this love.
  5. MrMacca

    Garth Marenghi’s Terrortome tour

    How long is the show?
  6. MrMacca

    Garth Marenghi’s Terrortome tour

    I booked 2 tickets. But could only get the very back. Oh well.
  7. MrMacca

    Garth Marenghi’s Terrortome tour

    I'm tempted to see this as I loved the TV series he made and I'm also currently listening to the pod cast. Is it just him? Or is it like a typical acted show? Trying to see whether it's something my wife would enjoy.
  8. MrMacca

    Home alarm system

    Please be aware that there's a current trend of using WiFi jammers to block ring cameras and other devices that rely on WiFi. Cars are being stolen from drives and there is no recording of the event taking place. I personally would stick with the wired option linked directly to a dvr recording...
  9. MrMacca

    Xbox or PS5

    I have the Ps5 and the xbox series s. The xbox game pass is fantastic value for money. Many different games are added all the time and some are even day 1 releases. I love the saved States of games thst I've been playing and can just start playing them again at the same point instantly. The...
  10. MrMacca

    Techy Help Please Give that one a try.
  11. MrMacca

    Wilder Rumours

    Wilder applied for the Burnley job and didn't get it. Just because he didn't get it, doesn't mean he didn't apply. Same for the other jobs and potentially the Bournemouth.
  12. MrMacca

    Wilder Rumours

    I also know someone who was potentially at that wedding ad heard the same. and I mentioned it a few weeks ago about him applying for Watford, Stoke and I've forgot the other one on this board. Wilder seems sneeky as hell.
  13. MrMacca

    Wilders mackem presser ...

    That's what I heard from someone involved within football and maybe in the future it will be confirmed.
  14. MrMacca

    Wilders mackem presser ...

    If wilder feels let down due to lack of spending, then maybe Gibson feels let down after he interviewed for the Burnley, Watford, Stoke jobs...
  15. MrMacca

    IT Support - Opening pictures

    Download IRFanview. Make sure it becomes the default application for opening jpegs. If it isn't, hold shift and right click on any jpeg image. Then you should have an open with option. You can then choose an alternative program, so choose IRFanview.
  16. MrMacca

    * The Unofficial "Official" Watford v Boro Match-Night Thread *

    Who is the defensive coach? We give them too much space. When it's 2 vs 1, 1 of our players should be glued to the man. Instead, we let them slip in between the space of our 2 men, which allow easy through balls. It's madness.
  17. MrMacca

    Art created by you and Artificial intelligence

    Here you go. Here are 4 variants it created.
  18. MrMacca

    Art created by you and Artificial intelligence

    There is a website called It features a discord bot that allows you to generate art from keywords you give it. Some of the results are mind blowing, and the crazy thing is that they are created in real time. No matter what you throw at it, it will generate something...
  19. MrMacca

    Do you listen to Podcasts or Audiobooks?

    One of the best podcasts I've ever listened to is called 'hunting warhead'. Einar Stangvik is a white-hat hacker — an internet security expert with an expertise in cracking the most secure and disturbing parts of the web. He discovers a troubling phenomenon online and joins forces with...
  20. MrMacca

    Any members using Trading 212?

    Yeah it's one of the downsides to t212. I use webull to keep track of accurate prices.