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  1. MickaelDebevePhenomenal

    Carrick all season and we are premier league

    To play as a "10" in Carricks team you need to be able to hold the ball up with your back to goal, hold the opposition off, then bring others into play. Akpom does this brilliantly, especially when receiving those 40 yard clipped passes from Steffen to beat the press. Playing Payero there would...
  2. MickaelDebevePhenomenal

    Josh Coburn

    Coburns attributes, alongside Carricks style would suggest he would be an excellent bench option when we are chasing games. Great movement in the box and an instinctive finisher if he gets a chance. He should be all the better for the tough 2nd half of the season he had at Rovers. As someone...
  3. MickaelDebevePhenomenal

    Carrick all season and we are premier league

    We will be losing the 4 loan players, probably Chuba, and no guarantee Jonny will maintain his level over a full season given he is now 35. That's 6 players from our first choice XI under Carrick. Completely depends how well we do in the window. 'Im confident we will do well in the department as...
  4. MickaelDebevePhenomenal

    Free Agents - Worth a punt?

    Van hecke wont be a free - Brighton have a 1 year option they will undoubtedly take up.
  5. MickaelDebevePhenomenal

    Zack Steffen

    Came to give a little talk with the young academy goal keepers at Rockcliffe in his spare time a few weeks ago. Really humble nice guy. Spent ages answering questions, giving tips and taking photos. Hope it can somehow be arranged for him to stay on
  6. MickaelDebevePhenomenal

    If chuba stays

    I can't see him staying. He will want a big contract, championship player of the year and top scorer would generally command one. Think a parachute payment club, or a Lower Prem team will bid 14-18 mil and we will cash in, cant risk him walking away in 12 months for nothing. He would be able...
  7. MickaelDebevePhenomenal

    Who would our penalty takers be?

    Anyone that fancies it. If your bottles gone, its gone. Pick who is prepared to take it and let thim take it with conviction. Forcing more forward or technical players to take one never works. Look at our pens at Old Trafford You never would have said Pelts for a penna but his was the best of...
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    Thankfully not. Certainly wouldn't catch me tackling one of those vermin now, never know what they would do.
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    Used to work in a small supermarket nearly 20 years ago - we regulalrly used to stop/chase the shoplifters, was the best part of the day. We used to get regularly targeted as the layout of the shop meant it was easy to go up one aisle, get the booze/meat and walk out again without being seen...
  10. MickaelDebevePhenomenal

    Coventry far from a forgone conclusion

    You could make a strong argument that Gyokeres is the best player in the division, so certainly not to be taken lightly. However, i would say, if we cant beat Coventry at home, in a 2nd leg after drawing the away leg 0-0, and then beat Luton or Sunderland in the final, we don't deserve prem...
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    Premier League

    The aim for us must be to go up, take the money and ensure worst case scenario if we do get relegated, we have invested wisely so we are in a position to go up automatically the following season without wholesale change and starting the whole 7 years in wilderness cycle all over again. Going up...
  12. MickaelDebevePhenomenal

    New EFL TV Deal Implications

    My opinion may very well be an unpopular one but I generally welcome more games on the telly. Beats all the other crap shown on the 762 channels of $hite! And lets be honest, for an overwhelming majority, the games could be played at 3am on a Thursday morning and we would still attend (if...
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    New EFL TV Deal Implications

    *Barely anyone is PAYING for it. Almost everyone is watching it. A very distinct difference
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    Zack Steffen

    But without inviting the press, as Steffen does expertly, and taking players out the game, the outfielders would not be able to create what they do as they wouldn't have the space. There is a reason he can clip it 40 or 50 yards into Akpoms chest , that is because 3 or 4 of the oppositions...
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    Zack Steffen

    But having players of that nature generally means they aren't as effective with the ball, especially in Carricks preferred style of play, so we would lose an element of our attacking play.
  16. MickaelDebevePhenomenal

    Zack Steffen

    Risk and reward. How many goals has it created? Directly, several. Indirectly, many more. How many has it cost? I may have missed some, as I tend to wipe goals conceded from memroy, but the only one I can think of is cardiff away, and even then Mcnair was equally culpable.
  17. MickaelDebevePhenomenal

    Zack Steffen

    Steffen is getting better as the season goes on., his playing out for the back has been excellent. He is a well built for a keeper, and i would say his weakness is for the low down saves in the corners that need that little extra spring or agility. Any block type saves where he need to be big...
  18. MickaelDebevePhenomenal

    Zack Steffen

    This maybe the worst take I've ever seen on this board. Roberts is a poor shot stopper, he is good at claiming crosses, but cant play out from the back. Every goal kick we would lump it forward and surrender possession to the opposition.
  19. MickaelDebevePhenomenal

    Thoughts on Sunday's game

    Agree with what your saying regarding the physical elements of dijksteels game, but my issue with Dijksteel is he falls asleep at curcial moments, dont think id trust him to keep an eye on Gyokeres for a full game
  20. MickaelDebevePhenomenal

    I’ve lost track of our injury concerns.

    It's exactly what I heard from someone who would know, so id hazard a guess its more than hearsay