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  1. locomansimon

    Industry on Teesside...

    No reliable !
  2. locomansimon

    Anthony Taylor attacked by Roma fans

    Didn't we have a fan stabbed when we played Roma ?
  3. locomansimon

    Where in the world?

    beat me to it
  4. locomansimon

    Industry on Teesside...

    its absolute madness, same with coal, we use 6 million tons a year in the UK and every ounce is imported, at the NYMR we have to source coal from Columbia, Australia, Kazakhstan and the cost has gone from £150 per ton to around £500, what are we trying to do, kill all of our industries off. We...
  5. locomansimon

    Industry on Teesside...

    because they don't care, they all make their money in the city, that's all they care about
  6. locomansimon

    Rob Edwards vs Michael Carrick

    lets see what happens this coming season without certain key loan players
  7. locomansimon

    Ely crash deaths

    when the crash happened the lads on the e bike had gone between bollards in the road and the police could no longer follow them, they crashed 200 yards after the bollards !
  8. locomansimon

    Is this the same Coventry team that did a job on us?

    what do you suggest then, playing forever ?
  9. locomansimon

    606,000 - Net inward UK Migration 2022

    I actually live in Whitby now and the staff situation is chronic, my old 2 bed in Grosmont is on sale at170.
  10. locomansimon

    606,000 - Net inward UK Migration 2022

    advertising for cleaners here at £12 ph, still cant get them.
  11. locomansimon

    606,000 - Net inward UK Migration 2022

    there are huge staff shortages in this country at the moment, every pub, cafe, b&b, shop and hotel where I live are advertising for staff and they cant get them, I volunteer on the NYMR and we cannot get catering and shop staff, we need immigration ! 400,000 of those immigrants were students...
  12. locomansimon

    James Trafford

    No it wouldn't, very average keeper with a poor shot to save ratio !
  13. locomansimon

    This summer we’ll find out what club we are

    Unless he turns out to be a one season wonder, it's a gamble
  14. locomansimon

    Ryedale miniature railway

    The chap driving is called John Heslop, one of the world's finest model engineers, founder member of the club at Gilling and now in his 90's. He built the loco in the picture. I started driving the steam locos in Albert Park when I was 12, I am now a steam driver on the NYMR and have been since...
  15. locomansimon

    Graeme Souness

    What an idiotic statement, hard as nails !
  16. locomansimon

    Chat GPT

    It's a terrifying prospect !
  17. locomansimon

    Steffen: Keep or Dump?

    DUMP, very average very expensive keeper who doesn't make many saves, poor positioning and not great on crosses, give our lads a go !
  18. locomansimon

    My view of last night

    We did, we should have walked that league!
  19. locomansimon

    Zack Steffen

    Very average keeper who does t make many saves
  20. locomansimon

    What can you say about that?

    Reinforced what I've thought all along, Dijksteel is a far better player than Smith !