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  1. exeterboro

    Any mentions of our pre season fixtures?

    The York fixture ( 1pm) is the same day as the John Smith Cup meeting at the racecourse, the trains down could be rammed.
  2. exeterboro

    Any mentions of our pre season fixtures?

    A trip to the Ruhr region would be cool, a match against Oberhausen, Borrussia and maybe Schalke.
  3. exeterboro

    Any mentions of our pre season fixtures?

    Teesside live said there wouldn't be fixtures in the Algarve, maybe just prepping for upcoming fixtures.
  4. exeterboro

    Any mentions of our pre season fixtures?

    The Feynoord game would be interesting considering they travel in numbers everywhere and have close ties to the Mackems and Mags, so you could expect different groups of them to come down as well to the Riverside. Might give Carlisle a go out of that lot, it's been years since we played at...
  5. exeterboro

    Any mentions of our pre season fixtures?

    I'm not sure about that for either, I know there is an increasing number of Boro lads who have an allegiance to Rangers as well, and have their own Facebook page but generally there is a bit of bad blood between us and both old firm teams, when I came out of the Fulham Broadway for the playoff...
  6. exeterboro

    Any mentions of our pre season fixtures?

    The only reference I've seen was at the beginning of last week on Teesside Live that said 3 fixtures were close to being finalised?
  7. exeterboro

    Championship next Season

    and the years before and so on. If we can sort out our team and have a competitive edge then it largely doesn't matter about the bigger teams coming down, look at Luton nearly every team is bigger than them with bigger budgets but they got it right, that's all I'm hoping for with Boro.
  8. exeterboro

    Everton - Do They Hold The Most Relegation Great Escapes?

    Probably Hartlepool in the 70's and 80's, there used to be a vote to see if the bottom club in the old 4th would be replaced by the top team in the conference, because league clubs didn't want relegation Hartlepool used to avoid relegation year after year.
  9. exeterboro

    * The Trap-door: Premier League Relegation and Survival Match - Day Thread *

    Just heading off to the pub with my Boro bucket hat , obviously I'm going to keep quiet if I spy any Weeds😉 ....97, not bothered in the least, let bygones be bygones I say.
  10. exeterboro

    Who to support on Saturday

    On the personal bright side if we had got there and we had got to Penna's I would have to be leaving now.
  11. exeterboro

    Trump being trump

    He's succeeding in getting his message out there, the fact we are talking about borderline gibberish is for him all he wants because if we highlight it and it's craziness there is a sizable chunk of society who feel the need to oppose people like us( Marxists in their eyes) and support him.
  12. exeterboro

    Ivan Toney

    The real problem is his club ( if they decide to) can only fine him a maximum of 4 weeks wages, which is only what the PFA allows. They should be able to find him the entirety of the ban , then that is a real restraint on maybe doing this type of betting. At the moment hes basically on gardening...
  13. exeterboro

    Ivan Toney

    🤔 I don't bet but if I did that's the type of betting I like to be involved in , seems perfect for beating the bookies. But obviously for a professional player ......
  14. exeterboro

    Sheffield Uniteds PL budget.

    Ak did ok up to the begining of December then our performances became lacking, but even so most teams who are struggling go through an even more dire patch for a little while and some manage to turn it around., if he hadn't lost the plot after West Ham he might stayed on, rather than having the...
  15. exeterboro

    Sheffield Uniteds PL budget.

    We didn't stink it out until Steve Agnew took over, and there was always a Tony Pullis led WBA to challenge for that accolade, but agree on the rest particularly from January of that season.
  16. exeterboro

    Things that everybody has done but you haven't

    You have not had a bloody Mary? I never even applied for a provisional license and I'm 55 , but iI might change that in next 12 months Same here, I think all the lads who wore them at school put me off, they would usually show off some flash death star size "fashion piece" As well, I could...
  17. exeterboro

    Boro fans wanting Leeds to stay up at Everton's expense

    This discussion was going on in the early ,90's so it way ahead of that gender debate. I'm proud to be from Yorkshire but I also see my self as Teessider from the North East, because the location of our beloved area means we get to have several cakes and eat them.
  18. exeterboro

    Boro fans wanting Leeds to stay up at Everton's expense

    I hate Leeds so much I don't even want to be in the same division as them, while I don't mind Everton so strangely enough I would welcome the chance to go up there in Goodisons last season. Leicester can **** off and they are one of those sets of fans and a city who I have dislike for , so...
  19. exeterboro

    Toss up for which end at penalties. Boro told not allowed by police. Years ago

    It could have been Preston v Birmingham somewhere in the late 90's or early ,00's with Trevor Francis manager, I remember listening to it on the radio, and a massive row happened at the end when Birmingham couldn't get the end they wanted from a coin toss.
  20. exeterboro

    Who`s up for Plymouth at Home Park nxt season?

    I couldn't believe how busy Cardiff was at 1130am on the Saturday I went, the pubs were just full of people wearing their evening gear , on my train up there was a big hen party from Exeter heading there and they turned our carriage into party central. If I only go to one away game next season...