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    Ipswich Town, a very short price to get promoted?

    I always think of Chris Kiwomya and Jason Dozzell when it comes to Ipswich
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    Ashley young

    Nearly as old as our last Player Manager isnt he?
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    Some good Yorkshire "derbys" nxt season>>>

    We'll probably not get 3k+ for any of those games and leeds will be touching £40 again, Sheff Wed prices wont be too far behind either
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    Not really scum are they afterall we havent played them since 2009. The rivalry is long gone that was there in the early/mid 90s Sedgefield was full of them last week at the Medieval Fayre. Hartlepool has a big mags following as I found out on a train the other week after a mags v man u game
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    Best way to get back from Newcastle tonight after 11pm

    Megabus maybe, last X10 is 20:10 even earlier EDIT Megabus 22.30 or 01.00
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    More Gutted Today Than Last Week

    Not bothered in the slightest, we failed to beat Coventry over 2 (well 3 actually) games so they rightfully take their place at Wembley today instead of us Had we been robbed by some kind of referee decision then maybe still would have had sour grapes about not being in London this weekend
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    Wednesday getting 44k tickets for their playoff final

    Same happened in 2016 when Hull failed to sell their allocation. Wednesday got more tickets
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    Edinburgh to Stockton help needed.

    Cost me £2 today to get the X10 home from Eldon Square ... then £2 from the bus station to West Lane!
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    This summer we’ll find out what club we are

    Like Tav .. Well he actually wanted to move on didn't he?
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    This summer we’ll find out what club we are

    £12 Konza to Villa too and a few £3m+ others. They have bought a few players for sizable fees who they havent made a profit on, but those stats speak for themselves
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    Brad Jones

    Played in the semi final against Steaua Bucharest didnt he?
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    Bilsdale Transmitter switched ON

    Still dont get BBC Tees in Newcastle in the car as strong as you used to Wonder how far south of Northallerton you can get it now?
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    Now that Newcastle are in the Champions League

    Has it not just been a poor premier league with Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs all well under par by their usual standards? But fair play to the mags capitialising on this
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    Now that Newcastle are in the Champions League

    Are they actually in the champions league or the 3rd qualifying round? EDIT Isnt it usually the 4th place team that has to qualify?
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    Away Fans Limited to 2000 in the Play Off Semis

    Leeds will be back to the most expensive place for visiting fans too next season with no £30 capp
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    Away Fans Limited to 2000 in the Play Off Semis

    Theyre moving home supporters to accomodate a safe standing area, so no reason why they cant move the away section too. Yes it will upset a few afterall who wants to watch their side from Level 7?
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    Away Fans Limited to 2000 in the Play Off Semis

    Peterborough didnt have the full top tier of the leppings lane end and bolton only had the top section of the away end at Barnsley. Barnsley wouldnt have even been able to sell tickets in that stand to their own supporters despite the fixture being sold out Even Carlisle opened the open terrace...
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    3 players that’s all carrick brought in

    We'd have played Sunderland instead had we managed a win (which we couldnt do over 3 games) and Coventry would have been left to play Luton in the other semi final
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    3 players that’s all carrick brought in

    The mistake we made was settling for a draw and Coventry in the playoffs. Never looked like beating them in the league game