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  1. stjohn


    It was absolutely fantastic, what a night!
  2. stjohn

    Edinburgh to Stockton help needed.

    What a fantastic gig , Bruce and the band are unreal. A night to remember. Now for the journey home on National Express bus!
  3. stjohn

    So who do we want to win each of the 3 Play Off finals?

    Not really that bothered, we aren't involved so it doesn't matter. Although I would like to see Carlisle do it but won't be end of the world if they dont ( unlike last week)!
  4. stjohn

    Edinburgh to Stockton help needed.

    Me too Beverlyred.
  5. stjohn

    Edinburgh to Stockton help needed.

    I know mate,they certainly sting you for tickets. It'll probably be the last time we see him so we just thought to hell with it. Getting excited about it now!!!
  6. stjohn

    Edinburgh to Stockton help needed.

    Yeh, seen him a few times Norman, the guy is a total legend in my eyes( and the wifes)!
  7. stjohn

    Edinburgh to Stockton help needed.

    All sorted now guys, getting Nat. Express Edinburgh to Darlo then my daughter is picking us up from there. The Nat.Express website said it was sold out but Thanks to Norman Conquest was put onto Busbud. Thanks very much everyone, LOVE this forum!
  8. stjohn

    Edinburgh to Stockton help needed.

    2 Soutra ,me and the wife.
  9. stjohn

    Edinburgh to Stockton help needed.

    Ha Ha, nice try Norman:ROFLMAO:
  10. stjohn

    Edinburgh to Stockton help needed.

    Hi Norman, yes, I do drive but hate it!! Concert is on the 30th, coming home next day Redinburgh
  11. stjohn

    Edinburgh to Stockton help needed.

    Off to Edinburgh next week to see Springsteen, unfortunately the trains are on strike on the day we due home(Wednesday 31st). We can't stay another night as we must be home on 1st June. Any of you good folk know the best way back using buses? National Express and Megabuses are sold out , so its...
  12. stjohn

    Most gutted you have ever been as a Boro fan

    Definitely Birmingham in 1975. We'll never know what that team could have achieved!
  13. stjohn

    Sums it up sky bias

    Please don't mention penalties!!!!
  14. stjohn

    Leeds fans cover themselves in glory again

    Leeds Utd say" this does not represent our true fanbase", err sorry but in my experience it does. Horrible club with Horrible supporters!
  15. stjohn

    Where will you be watching the first leg?

    At home, hopefully not behind the sofa! UTMB.
  16. stjohn

    People who you don't like but don't even know.

    Philip Scofield, Ant Mcpartland, Simon Cowell. They came into my head instantly, christ, could be here all day with this!
  17. stjohn

    * The Final Unofficial "Official" League Season Boro v Coventry Match-Day Thread *

    I'll echo that, many thanks Roofie you've done a top job this season UTMB (y) !
  18. stjohn

    Darlington Hippodrome

    I'm going to see All or Nothing. Seen it before and thought it was fantastic. Loved The Small Faces . And yes ,it is a great venue!
  19. stjohn

    Does this remind anyone of Ali?

    Brilliant. Love to hear a bit of heartfelt passion.