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  1. BobUpnDown

    Caoimhin Kelleher

    He looked very capable previously though showed some basic errors in his game in a recent highlights I saw of him which would point to needing game time TBH I'd rather keep loans to outfield players that will really improve our team &: start. Keepers are impotent though would rather sign one...
  2. BobUpnDown

    Best nut

    Cashew, agreed.. Left field choice for 2nd place: walnut, on top of a Whip..
  3. BobUpnDown

    Andrew Tate interviewed

    He doesn't get the publicity via the BBC it's not his core demographic.. they are on social media & YouTube
  4. BobUpnDown

    Cat amongst the pigeons - JonJo Shelvey

    No, has ability no doubt unfortunately he just seems more ego & attitude than team play & application..
  5. BobUpnDown

    Ashley young

    29 games for them, TBH I thought it was way less.. probably fancy another season in PL & Villa was his first club so may want to end his career there too..
  6. BobUpnDown

    Ashley young

    Back in the day, a very good top pro.. now, way past his best & doubt he'd cope with the very physical Championship..
  7. BobUpnDown

    Chubas latest post on his socials

    Not stressed about Chuba at all - if we get a good offer & he wants to go, fair enough.. If he stays & signs a new contract, my preference, excellent.. If he stays for the season, promotion or not, then leaves.. fair enough.. We're unlikely to get a better striker so, just selling for the...
  8. BobUpnDown

    Jay Dasilva signs..

    I think he may well end up at Everton... though have they any money to buy him?? FFP & the new stadium are a real drain on their finances..
  9. BobUpnDown

    North East Bylines: rail travel in Teesside

    maybe, ...decades of underfunding in the area... [ TBH most of the UK with the exception for London & SE ] 'failed' proposal for London 'garden' bridge cost £53m... nice one Joanna..
  10. BobUpnDown

    North East Bylines: rail travel in Teesside

    I remember the initial modest budget for Middlesbrough station improvements & walk past regularly & look at £34m & wonder what could cost £34m take a decade, it seems, to build &, the few times I've been in the station, remain so hidden from view..... what has the money gone on?? the London...
  11. BobUpnDown

    Congrats Luton

    I am intrigued as to who they will be able to sign - i'm almost expecting the PL to tell them they can't stage home games at KR.. esp if they fail to get the ground up to, minimum, standard by season kick off.. maybe they'll have to do a Cov.. & play games away from Luton until the upgrades are...
  12. BobUpnDown

    Leeds we go

    £1m per point - not a bad job if your ego can blag it.. & BS certainly fits that bill.. indeed the bill is all he delivered them..
  13. BobUpnDown

    Lyke Wake Walk

    Is the popular folklore - a little bit may be true: Monks may have walked part of the walk though the origin is is more modern if another story is true: ..Bill Cowley originated the concept of the walk with an open challenge in the Dalesman in August 1955 to cross the moors on foot from West to...
  14. BobUpnDown

    Lowcocks soda

  15. BobUpnDown


    I've been watching re-runs of Fast Show in iPlayer.. I can only read that with pronounced exaggeration.. Chrissy Waddle..
  16. BobUpnDown

    Championship next Season

    TBH - given the choice - I hope we could do a Jack Charlton & storm away with it (y)(y)
  17. BobUpnDown

    Ethan Galbraith, lazy media rumour??

    If we really are thinking about this guy - we need to make sure we do a proper test on his right leg... that is a full on rotation..
  18. BobUpnDown

    Leicester, Leeds & Southampton

    Many leaving for £0 big rebuild will be required...
  19. BobUpnDown

    Leicester, Leeds & Southampton

    we may get more air time as may Sunderland because we both play decent footy & we - did this season - score lots of goals..
  20. BobUpnDown

    Leicester, Leeds & Southampton

    I think Southampton - may - be the best setup as they bought a young team - its if they can keep their best players & all the young lads they signed can cope with Championship's relentless schedule.. in Armstrong & Adams they have strikers that can score at this level & as a team they can play...