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  1. Lottowyn

    Lowcocks soda

    I used to get Fentimans Air Beer weekly. At the time I thought it was a real grown up drink. It was sad when they packed it in apparently because the jugs it came in couldn’t be cleaned properly.
  2. Lottowyn

    Chubas latest post on his socials

    I agree. The fan usually sees little benefit from the sale of a player , whereas if he stays and is joined by a couple of good forwards (like Archer and especially Ramsey) and be joined by astute signings made by Carrick with the whole of 2023/24 season in front of us, who knows !
  3. Lottowyn

    Jeff stelling

    A pleasure to watch and listen to.
  4. Lottowyn

    What is the best beer garden in the area?

    I suppose it’s more just an outside space containing about half a dozen tables.
  5. Lottowyn

    More Gutted Today Than Last Week

    I still feel a bit irked and the truth is that it was not long ago Boro were playing the kind of football that today’s 2 teams would not have lived with. To me, I think we were kidding ourselves when we thought momentum does not matter . It did and partly due to injuries we never recovered...
  6. Lottowyn

    What is the best beer garden in the area?

    I suppose these days I don’t have a local, but I do go in the Green Dragon which I can walk to in Bedale. It serves good food and I like the Estella (brewed in Barcelona) . The Green Dragon has a garden and shows the big TV too.
  7. Lottowyn

    Is there any reason we couldn't do a Brighton?

    AMEX are a Brighton sponsor and while they may or may not actually provide cash, it’s nice to have such an influential organisation backing the club. Also, geographically the club is situated close to the metropolis for attracting players.
  8. Lottowyn

    Is there any reason we couldn't do a Brighton?

    I think you could call Brighton a big club. After all, just be being a Premier League club, you are apparently listed as one of the world’s top clubs. Perhaps this is only because of TV money, but it is a fact.
  9. Lottowyn

    Energy tariff with octopus - save 20-30% vs price cap rates

    In view of the news today, the sensible thing is to NOT commit yourself to any fixed term with any company for the next couple of months. Then will be the time to look at companies which will surely be returning to competitive deals and you can pick and choose again.
  10. Lottowyn

    Brad Jones

    Having watched Boro when we were stuck for a decade in the old Second Division, Brad Jones is not in my top 5 of poor Boro goalkeepers.
  11. Lottowyn

    This summer we’ll find out what club we are

    Not too sure Paddy is a “fringe“ player. He is a utility player who is used in several positions, but at the end he was still one of our best 2 centre backs and played about 37 games.
  12. Lottowyn

    Middlesbrough's lost pubs

    Mentioning a police role in local pubs reminds me that my local The North Riding Hotel in Gurney Street always had several bobbies just across the street to deal with 10pm closing time, especially at weekends. In the men only bar , fights were a regularity , and picking up one’s pint and...
  13. Lottowyn

    Vowels - unnecessary

    East Enders did away with vowels yonks ago. They have wowels.
  14. Lottowyn

    Middlesbrough's lost pubs

    Used to play darts in a few of the pubs shown. Played in a league for the Gosforth on a Friday night near the old Theatre Royal which later converted into a cinema called I think the Essoldo. Had some memorable eventful nights in the Gosforth “over the border” as it was known.
  15. Lottowyn

    Harry and Megan - really showing themselves now

    Bit of a laugh though. In the past couple of days I`ve heard him referred to as the Prince of Litigation and the Prince of Delusion.
  16. Lottowyn

    My view of last night

    At least Wednesday nights result was not all brought on by a crap refereeing decision unlike the loss at Sunderland and defeat at Luton. Scoring no goals over 2 legs may have been influenced by injuries , but otherwise we have no one to blame but ourselves.
  17. Lottowyn

    Most gutted you have ever been as a Boro fan

    The most gutted ? Perhaps a bit historical , but no one could have done anything worse to the fans. At the time it was like being slapped across the face with a wet fish. Brian Clough scored a goal a game at Middlesbrough , a guaranteed 40 goals a season , was sold to Sunderland in 1962, thus...
  18. Lottowyn

    Mark Robins post match statement.

    Where it went wrong for us was that in 3 hours of football against Coventry , Boro did not score a goal.
  19. Lottowyn

    Blue lobster found at the Gare

    Exercising, trying to get rid of his pot.
  20. Lottowyn

    Coventry far from a forgone conclusion

    We know that Boro have to take a couple of the chances that we always create and not allow Coventry clear chances from breakaways. Whilst this is possibly going to be difficult to carry out, think back to earlier in the season and that if we had been offered a game at home against any team in...