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  1. Johnnyweetabix

    Teesside Airport security.

    I take the early flight to ams often and you can get there with 30-40 mins to the flight departing . No probs . Where else can you have a 6.20 flight and set your alarm to wake you up at 5! Brilliant
  2. Johnnyweetabix


    Had it about 4 years ago when I got up one morning . Totally and utterly terrifying . I thought I had had a stoke and went straight to A&E. had loads of tests over the following months but eventually got better . Diagnosed with vestibular neuritis . Felt like my head was a bowling ball and when...
  3. Johnnyweetabix

    Drinking in and around King's Cross

    I’m here with the missus right now . Was in convent garden yesterday and really busy and today in soho and rammed also . Seems pretty busy everywhere . Old school pubs seem the busiest . It’s like a different world compared to the Boro
  4. Johnnyweetabix

    Houchen tells Telegraph. 'I'm just naive'

    the sad thing is, the airport is brillaint. No queues, no taking liquids or electronics out of bag, close for most of us, nice lounge and duty free etc. I had a 6.20 am flight last week and set my alarm for 5am from Marton. We should be shouting its virtues from the rafters.
  5. Johnnyweetabix

    The route cause of poverty in the UK

    Oh and I should add to any constitution folks out there … get yourself to Denmark or research triangle park in North Carolina …. Literally can walk into jobs , the shortfall of construction folks is massive and the salaries are crazy and getting higher and higher .
  6. Johnnyweetabix

    The route cause of poverty in the UK

    I think the lack of actual inward investment has also crippled us . I worked for a biologics company that’s invested a lot on Teesside but billons in Denmark and the USA . Part of the reason I have been told of the disparity v U.K. was Brexit and the inherent fears of the owners of investing in...
  7. Johnnyweetabix

    * The Unofficial "Official" Coventry v Boro P/off Semi Final 1st Leg Match-day Thread *

    Lots of pressure now . Knew this would happen . Feels like a goal is coming
  8. Johnnyweetabix

    Reclining your seat on a flight?

    Recline all you want , the feature is there and free to use. I travel a lot and even on a short haul see some people use it. Most of them are knackered business travellers running from flight to flight to im really sympathetic to them
  9. Johnnyweetabix

    This god damn freezing weather

    Baltic here in Marton . Is summer ever going to arrive . Grim , grey and depressing whilst the west of the country is basking in sunshine . Watching bbc news from Liverpool and it’s full on blue sky , people in t shirts etc and I’m in the garden with hoody and jacket
  10. Johnnyweetabix

    Things nobody said in the 80’s….and go

    ….sausage roll ….. … a vegan sausage roll ?
  11. Johnnyweetabix

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Bristol City Match-Day Thread *

    Crooks is just not good enough . Like a snail and loses possession at times we must not .
  12. Johnnyweetabix

    Farmers who shoot dogs

    All dogs should be on a leash when outside in my view . I’m pig sick of being out and dogs running up to me and jumping up or in several cases being snarled at or nipped and owners then protesting their innocence or proclaiming they never normally do this .
  13. Johnnyweetabix

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Huddersfield Match-Day Thread *

    We’ve lost our heads here . Need to ride out the next few mins then … of foooookkk
  14. Johnnyweetabix

    Virgin Media again.

    Ok daft question. I’be probably stuck with virgin for way too long as years ago i set up a email that’s still my primary email which then over time became virgin of course . It’s got probably close to 20 years of stuff filed away . If I cancel virgin will I lose that email address...
  15. Johnnyweetabix

    Help, I've Been Kidnapped By KLM

    Oh man I feel your pain having had a similar thing happen to me too many times. Unfortunately as others have said klm is often the only option to many destinations unless it’s down to Heathrow with BA. As a regular flyer I’m starting to also get the same dreaded knot feeling everytime j fly . My...
  16. Johnnyweetabix

    *The Unofficial "official - "The Chase is on" - Boro v Stoke. Match-Day Thread*

    Yeah agree . It’s gonna be a difficult one . They look fairly well matched
  17. Johnnyweetabix

    Everything, Everywhere, all at once

    I actually thought Elvis was far superior to both movies above
  18. Johnnyweetabix

    Everything, Everywhere, all at once

    thought it was rubbish, gave up after 20 min. Probably only the 3rd movie Ive stopped part way through. In my view not worth the hype at all......feels like the usual luvvy film to sweep the oscars. Saying that I also thought Austin Butler should have won best actor for Elvis as he was...
  19. Johnnyweetabix

    Should boro talk to the bbc tees

    discussing it with my mates of which several hold very high positions in multi national companies , all said they would never post anything the might be controversial or show their employer in a difficult light or even someone they work with , as their commitment is to their company or employer...
  20. Johnnyweetabix

    Why do schools close when it’s snows

    Or maybe then will do what my sister in law who is a teacher and their school has closed and send me this “Snow dayyyyyyyyyy 🥳😛” knowing it will wind me up …. No marking or prep or admin for her