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  1. fella

    Coventry far from a forgone conclusion

    You don't say.
  2. fella

    Is this our best chance to go up?

    Yes. It's a bit late for automatic promotion at this point.
  3. fella

    Thoughts on Sunday's game

    I think we should try and win it.
  4. fella

    Wingy goal of the day/season contender

  5. fella

    Not feeling the Coronation at all…

    Are you peeking through my window?
  6. fella

    Has Isaiah reached his ceiling?

    I'm very sorry for my inadvertent transgression. I will be more careful in the future. I was going to call everyone silly sausages, but I didn't want you to sue me.
  7. fella

    Has Isaiah reached his ceiling?

    This board is mental sometimes. Someone has a decent game, they're world beaters. They have a poorer game, they're non-league standard. Control yourselves you dirty donkeys.
  8. fella

    Life's Little Pleasures

    Deliberately following through when you're queuing at Tesco.
  9. fella

    Sunak's new police escort

    It's like a bad comedy sketch.
  10. fella

    Happy St George's Day

    Scampi Fries.
  11. fella

    These newish 'Simple' funerals

    I just want someone to stuff me in my wheelie bin when I go. It'll be a fun surprise for the bin men.
  12. fella

    Heavy Rock Footballers

    Marvin HAMnes.
  13. fella


    He finally been Carricked. He's always been a hell of a player, he just lost confidence in himself for a while. Fantastic cameo last night.
  14. fella

    Nearly Managed Middlesbrough..

    It will have been back when he was alive.
  15. fella

    What are your thoughts on Elton John?

    He's terribly, terribly cack.
  16. fella

    Next Season’s Away kit?

    That kit makes me want to go and stand in the rain at 2am and make sad honking sounds into the darkness until someone calls in a welfare check on me.
  17. fella

    Anyone else having a power cut 👀

    Not just you. Saltburn's knacked at the minute. Assume the wind has made a mess of things.
  18. fella

    Why have footballers started wearing bras?

    It's called fashion, look it up.
  19. fella

    Next 2 games, 6 points will be nice

    I left them in a shopping centre in Sunderland a few years ago. I gave Hoolio very specific directions and he said he try and find them for me, but I think he's pinched them. They were nice sausages too, with nettle and strawberry.