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  1. UTB70

    Things that everybody has done but you haven't

    Ive never had a holiday in spain
  2. UTB70

    Let’s all laugh at Leeds

    Didnt we laugh at sunderland for missing out on the playoffs?...that came back to bite us on the bum didnt it.
  3. UTB70

    Chubas latest post on his socials

    Always felt hes not staying. Would have signed by now. Days of letting big signings leave for nothing like fletcher and britt are gone.
  4. UTB70

    Play offs and penalties

    Dont like penalty shooyouts. I would like to see it a rule that if it goes to extra time that both teams have to remove 2 players. This will create more space on the pitch in which to creaye and score. Too many teams defend their way through extra time hoping for pens.
  5. UTB70

    Is this the same Coventry team that did a job on us?

    Looking back at our playoff defeat..reminded me of our effort under pulis vs villa A 0-0 and a 0-1defeat with barely a shot on target. Totally uncarrick like.
  6. UTB70

    Championship next Season

    Arguably the best championship line up ever. Loads of clubs with 25-35k+ fan bases when going well or in the premier league. Think southampton will bounce back up if they keep their best players and invest wisely
  7. UTB70

    Is this the same Coventry team that did a job on us?

    If everton can survive. I reckon luton can. Both similar styles. That ground will give them a big advantage.
  8. UTB70

    Is this the same Coventry team that did a job on us?

    What pressure! though. That one kick just cost coventry 170million quid! He wont live that moment down. Hope he gets some form of counselling.
  9. UTB70

    Rob Edwards vs Michael Carrick

    Nathan jones built the team. Edwards just carried it on
  10. UTB70

    More Gutted Today Than Last Week

    Always want team that finished 3rd to win. Just feels fair. Coventry got in playoffs due to blackburns and milwalls ineptitude.
  11. UTB70

    Goalkeeper situation

    Thats league 2 standard. I live not far from swindon and overall its been a dissapointing season for them. Even hartlepool beat them when they struggled second half of the season. Trusting him at championship level is a different matter. Hes very inexperienced in goalkeeping terms at this...
  12. UTB70

    Goalkeeper situation

    Looking from afar i think coburn and brynn started well but tailed off second half of the season which suggests theyre not ready to be trusted a whole season.
  13. UTB70

    Middlesbrough FC Women

    Im all for this. Would be great to see a boro team in the WSL. Where will they play? Will we have a transfer kitty? Will we sign jordan nobbs?
  14. UTB70

    We must keep Chuba. (#KEEPCHUBA).

    Depends if you think he is a one season wonder. Gestede had a similar season with blackburn and then he was gash thereafter
  15. UTB70

    Retained list is out

    Surely more u23s will leave. I liked look of max howells but his contract is up this summer.
  16. UTB70

    Retained list is out

    Matt clarke hasnt had much luck either. Hope he can play more than fischer could.
  17. UTB70

    Retained list is out

    No offence but hall, lumley. Fisher, Daniels and miniz contributed very little this season so some wages saved there to direct towards players that will make an impact in the first team at least.
  18. UTB70

    Anyone Read Alan Shearers Letter To Eddie Howe?

    Even more nauseous than sir john hall spouting on talksport yesterday. He reckons newcastle will dominaye english footy for next 10-20 years.
  19. UTB70

    James Trafford

    Cant liam roberts be coached to play like steffen. I liked him in his few games for us. Save a few million.
  20. UTB70

    Play Offs

    Could carricks relaxed attitude have contributed? He always says it just another game. Well it wasnt it was a big important game that demanded urgency, thrust and an amount of risk to grab the injtiative. Instead we were more focussed on keeping gykores quiet. Far too conservative . We had 1shot...