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    Attacks on and criticism of referees, how about we lead by example?

    No chance. The standard of refereeing in this league is atrocious and should be called it at every opportunity. Referees struggle because a lot of players are cheats but they have the technology and the rules already to enforce anti cheating measures and they are choosing not to do it. Until...
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    McGree as a no 10?

    He played as a 10 last year and he was rubbish. He's a midfielder. He doesn't make the right runs and he doesn't score goals. Thinking back to the Karanka promotion season we started the year with midfielders in the 10 role and then Ramirez came in and showed how a 10 should play. A 10 is a...
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    Boris Johnson - The Prime-Minister of the United Kingdom

    I don't think much has changed over the years despite it appearing like it has. The difference is that social media and the rolling news system has made it possible for people to instantly scrutinise and call out these people when they lie/gaffe/do a scandal so there is more pushback but the...
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    Industry on Teesside...

    I'm considering my next car going back to ICE. Not because I don't like my EV, I really do, but I am not sure the deals/incentives are still going to be there when my lease is up and I can't afford to pay full price for a top EV (or a new car in general) so if I'm looking at buying a car instead...
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    Ted Lasso

    I hope there is no more. This series was pretty rubbish but I thought it ended well. I think it just got too big. It was about the inner workings of a football club but with Nate at a different club, Keeley at her business, the restaurants etc it was too much and the interactions between all...
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    Best nut

    Hazelnut. Love the hazelnut and chocolate combination. There is a fancy bakery near me that do an outstanding pain au chocolat with chocolate and hazelnut. Ferrero (makers of Ferrero Rocher and Nutella) use 25% of the world's production each year.
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    Benzema leaving Real Madrid

    Going to Man Utd or Chelsea doesn't guarantee a trophy these days. He'd either have to go to City or abroad to Madrid/Bayern. Don't think he'll ever win a trophy if he stays at Spurs and the goalscoring record is meaningless without any silverware to show for it. There's no obvious answer for...
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    Messi available

    We've already had one "next Maradona" that didn't work out. Don't want another one
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    Andrew Tate interviewed

    Sounds like Trump. Baffles me that anyone sees what these people are saying and can't comprehend that they are morons and bullshitters.
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    Industry on Teesside...

    This is just the consequences of globalisation. Government don't run these industries, they are operated by global businesses worth billions and they will do whatever is cheapest. If it's not economical for them to do it in the UK then they won't, if they can import something cheaper then they...
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    The Office

    I love both the UK and US versions and see them as completely separate entities. Like has been said, the 1st episode especially is just a repeat of the UK version and didn't work at all. Some of the 1st series was still great, Diversity Day and Basketball were good episodes. I think any re-boot...
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    Harry Kane life after football

    It's probably not as easy as he thinks to become a kicker. NFL kickers need to be consistent. They do the same thing every single time and it's a technique they will have been practicing 100x per day for 20 years by the time they are Kane's age. Footballers spend their whole time practicing...
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    Energy tariff with octopus - save 20-30% vs price cap rates

    My May usage is £96 electric, £11 gas and that includes 5x EV charges of about £10 each. Can't complain about that.
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    Any whiskey connoisseurs on here?

    I'm definitely not a connoisseur but I do like a whisky. I've never had anything really aged or expensive but I have a decent collection. I like all the different types whether they are smoky, peaty or sweet like a bourbon etc. Different moods make me go for different whiskies. I always take it...
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    Coffee Advice

    I'm also not arguing that they do. They potentially could but they are mass market so they don't. I'm merely saying that making coffee at home will always be limited by equipment no matter how good the beans are because you can't grind as precisely as you would want etc. I never said, or at...
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    Aston Villa

    They went big last year. Signed Coutinho etc. Think for Archer they'll be wanting a sale, which we probably can't afford or a PL/European loan which we can't do. Ramsey I see as a possibility because he had injuries so didn't finish a full season.
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    Coffee Advice

    I wasn't talking about the chains obviously. They might have the capability via the machinery to make Michelin star coffee but the people operating it don't have the knowledge. That would be the same as sticking an employee from McDonald's into a Michelin star restaurant and thinking the food...
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    Coffee Advice

    Coffee is a bit like food. You can't make coffee at home as good as a barista on a specialist machine with their selected ingredients can make with domestic equipment like you can't make Michelin star level food at home. You can make something that is an approximation of it and is better than...
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    Play offs and penalties

    The problem with finals is that teams don't want to lose so you get less risk taking and it's more likely to go to extra time and penalties. The best games are those like our European games against Steau where because of the away goals rule meaning there could be no draw. One team has to score...
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    Coffee Advice

    Dialling in means making small adjustments until you get the optimal cup of coffee. There are several variables when making coffee. Water recipe, water temperature, water quantity, grind size, coffee quantity, brew time, pressure etc. Those things will be different for every different bean you...