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    Things that everybody has done but you haven't

    I wasn't on 'The Balcony'.
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    Vinicius Junior "mono" chants

    I had no idea that this culture existed in Spain although I dont watch Spanish football. I only became aware of this because of a post on social media. I visited Valencia three weeks ago and came away with the impression that it was a beautiful and sophisticated city. I was quite envious of...
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    Blackburn release Bradley Dack and Diaz

    Diaz has signed for Espansunderland and although they were recently playing third tier football and haven't won anything for 50 years Diaz couldnt help but notice how massive they are when signing.
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    Vinicius Junior "mono" chants

    There are reports that during Madrids game in Valencia Vinicius Junior was the target of racial slurs from large sections of the Valencia support. He's accused Spain of being a racist country and said the matter of racism is in La Liga is fairly common. He further said that the Spanish...
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    Boro V Sunderland - How do our styles compare?

    To be fair Diallo and Clarke are both good players.
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    d*ck extension

    Reports that Liam d*ck has signed a contract extension with Raith Rovers that will keep at the club until 2024. Well what else did you think it was?
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    Yeah but imagine if they had Ross Stewart

    Isn't that just the equivalent of saying hes a sunderland Chuba Akpom?
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    Yeah but imagine if they had Ross Stewart

    He could join the long list of their best players who've left them in recent years to make the step up to Middlesbrough. Leadbitter, Watmore, McNair, Stewart Proving that sunderland's place in english football is to be our feeder club.
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    Yeah but imagine if they had Ross Stewart

    "The Real Madrid of the championship" as one of them described themselves the other day 🙈
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    New Carrick Song? I feel fine!

    An obvious one but given the name of our ground how have we never sang the song "Down by the Riverside"? I know man utd had one when they won the league here.
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    New Carrick Song? I feel fine!

    Both songs would be great. Theres no reason why we can't have both.
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    Gus hamer injury

    I don't believe for one minute that hamer won't play in the second leg. This is just mind games.
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    Ben Houchen in the FT - ooooooh yewww what!

    James O'Brien discussed this on lbc this morning
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    Si Senor

    Its a great football song. Completely unrelated to Payero song but why do we let so many of our songs disappear when the lyrics could easily be adjusted to new players/managers?
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    We really have lost our way as a country. You know there's serious issues with the moral compass when people who attempt to stop criminals are threatened with legal action.
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    Jones or Forss

    Always prefer Forss over Jones but I would be happy for Jones to start and run their full back for 60 minutes and then make the substitution for Forss as their full back tires or the other way round start Forss and bring Jones on.
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    Couldn't sell all their tickets but limited ours, odd

    Thats exactly it. They could have given us another 400 or 500 tickets in our end and they chose not to sell the tickets to us in favour of leaving thd seats empty. D1ck decision that $h1ts on football fans again.
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    Coventry are $hit

    But did you get it wrong, Diego? McNair has stood up to the challenge of going one on one with one of the best attacking players in the championship over two games (or a game and a half) and has done exceptionally well. He's had some good performances of late but that hasn't always been the...
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    Coventry are $hit

    Whether its down to being them being well organised or sxceptional footballers the result is the same. They're definitely not $hit regardless of how they have achieved those performances
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    Coventry are $hit

    I think we've been the better team in both games and could have easily won today, however, we haven't beaten them. They're defensively sound and hamer and gyokeres are two of the better players in this division. There's not much $hit about them or at least not what I can see.