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  1. The_Lizards_Jumpers

    Drinking in and around King's Cross

    We have beer fridges, beer and wine taps and spirit cupboards, as we've inherited our head office's west coast US culture. Surprisingly no one canes it, and you'll rarely see someone with a beer before 4pm most days. In terms of the pubs, it's usually a mix of tourists coupled with people...
  2. The_Lizards_Jumpers

    Drinking in and around King's Cross

    It's (or used to be) two different bars. On the left (as you look at the station) was the Euston Taps and on the right was the Cider Taps. Not sure if it still is, but it's a decent enough place to drink especially if you like looking at building sites as the current HS2 site is pretty much...
  3. The_Lizards_Jumpers

    There’s taking over Trafalgar Square and then there’s

    In a city with some of the greatest pubs in the world, I've never really got the appeal of drinking warm cans whilst tourists look on in bemusement.
  4. The_Lizards_Jumpers

    Drinking in and around King's Cross

    There's also a decent Spanish bar which has some outside space hidden away called Camino, just head up the Pentonville road and it's a 5 minute walk from the station.
  5. The_Lizards_Jumpers

    Drinking in and around King's Cross

    Only if you're willing to queue, but there's plenty of other places that dont require you to stand in line with all the tourists for an hour. Given how hot it is, there will be plenty of families out there, grabbing drinks from the food / drink trucks and letting their kids loose in the...
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    See London...

    To add extra authenticity you need a few northerners stood outside moaning about how "it's *****" and how expensive it is, ideally ones who've only ever been to Leicester and Trafalgar Squares. Bonus points if one buys a sandwich from Harrods and reuses the bag for years afterwards.
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    Things that everybody has done but you haven't

    Owned a leather jacket.
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    Boro Brick Road ?

    Because like most football clubs, outside of the playing side they're run on a shoestring. Also they can rely on the goodwill of fans to do stuff like this.
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    Boro Brick Road ?

    That's a great ideal (the map) and surely someone from the Uni could look at something like that as part of a design / AI project - you could have a virtual version as well, which would be of interest to ex-pats too ? I suspect the LED idea, although great, would be too disruptive and cost...
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    Rolf Harris Dead Aged 93

    My brother in law spent a large amount on one of his massive paintings - probably worth next to nothing these days :ROFLMAO:
  11. The_Lizards_Jumpers

    CAV - End of an era

    If he even gets selected for the TDF, it could be the Dimension Data saga all over again
  12. The_Lizards_Jumpers

    goalkeeper next season

    Whoever it is, you can guarantee they wont be good enough for a cross section of our fanbase.
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    The best bit is this season we went behind a lot, and then pulled it round. If you could cash out when we went down, and before the inevitable comeback you could make money and be happy with the win. Just a question of timing.
  14. The_Lizards_Jumpers

    Andy Rourke RIP

    Died from pancreatic cancer aged 59, breaking news Member of one of the greatest bands of all time, and a real decent guy by the sounds of it.
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    It was to qualify.
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    Serious question, why - I just dont get it.
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    I do it all the time, if I lose my money then I'm happy, but it softens the blow if we get beat. Stuck £100 on yesterday afternoon, and collected £280 this morning.
  18. The_Lizards_Jumpers

    What’s for tea tonight?

    Breaded cod, sweet potato fries with peas and sweetcorn, washed down with a nice Albariño
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    Andy Preston's house is for sale..

    99% sure it's Leadbitter's based on his social media posts.
  20. The_Lizards_Jumpers

    Andy Preston's house is for sale..

    It Leadbitter, you're never going to give less than 100% or he'll give you his death stare.