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  1. norfolkngood

    Ivan Toney

    Which gambling company is sponsoring the Boro next year?
  2. norfolkngood

    Brad Jones

    And the Tories brag about the improvement in our reading skills! Multiple means more than one, unless you want to go back further than 8 months to find another one. Anyway I have a life so I'm going out now so wont be her to reply when you find another one.
  3. norfolkngood

    Brad Jones

    If you are going to go back to October! to make a point on something as important! as this, at least make sure you know who the manager was when the post was made.
  4. norfolkngood

    Brad Jones

    It is refreshing to know that we have contributors to this board that are better judges of a footballer's ability than the professionals employed by the likes of Liverpool or Feyenoord. Gives me so much hope for the years to come.
  5. norfolkngood

    Houchen tells Telegraph. 'I'm just naive'

    Non firewall version Bent has been sold out by the Telegraph. 'I was just naïve. Fell into job of mayor. I just want the airport open so everybody can go on holiday. I want all the poor people to have a job' If he's lucky he might still be around to stand for re-election, but his big...
  6. norfolkngood

    The Boro Keeper Conundrum

    Where's Pat Cuff? Ten years and over 30 games for the club must be worth a mention, especially when compared to some of those on the list.
  7. norfolkngood

    Was Bob Mortimer there last night?

    He was certainly there on Sunday. My cousin had a selfie with him.
  8. norfolkngood

    A bit of good news - Houchen

    I'm upset. He's banned me from his Facebook page. That's him, Turner and Clarke all in a week. And Lemon top has stopped me seeing his posts as well. No wonder its such a love fest that they are all having with their supporters.
  9. norfolkngood

    He’s getting worried

    Thats two weeks old. New one out today should be interesting though.
  10. norfolkngood

    Cardiff want £100m compensation for Sala

    Can't let it lie 4 years after he died travelling to the club they are suing Nantes for £100m, after spending £15m on him. Pariahs.
  11. norfolkngood

    He’s getting worried

    This guy will screw his backside to the floor.
  12. norfolkngood

    Minister says UK will have to raise retirement age after election

    Interesting that the minister is leaving it till after the Election. That way they can blame Labour no doubt.
  13. norfolkngood


    Q,R, S and T have been missed out. C and D were circular from Exchange, around marton Rd, Longlands, Grove Hill Marton Grove Rd, Eastbourne rd, linthorpe Rd andback to exchange. Opposite directions. J and K were similar except went down Keith Rd, Orchard Rd and the Avenue into Linthorpe Rd...
  14. norfolkngood

    60`s Memories - Folk song with images.

    200 more here.
  15. norfolkngood


    The 11 used to go down Burlem Road to get to Acklam Rd, not Cambridge Rd.
  16. norfolkngood

    Teesside politics

    He's going to need Boris de Pfeffel's resignation honours list to be announced quickly if he isn't going to miss out on his lordship!
  17. norfolkngood

    Local elections TODAY

    I got blocked by Simon Clarke at the weekend for commenting about all his proteges losing. I was most upset because two weeks ago, after I first discovered him he invited me to be a super fan. I expect I'll be getting banned by Jacob Lemon Top shortly for asking if he was charging for his...
  18. norfolkngood

    Music in Pubs- yes or no

    Got so bad where I was a few weeks ago that we came out and went in the Conservative Club!
  19. norfolkngood

    boro game not on sky

    MFC are streaming it though, so you can still watch.