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    Ely crash deaths

    Yes I noticed this too. 2 clips joined together and played as one (time stamp is different ) 10+ sec difference in the 2 clips. Tragic 2 young lives lost. RIP
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    More Gutted Today Than Last Week

    Coventry also took our place in the place in the Premiership in 97 when we had 3 points docked😭. I wasn't too bad last week but spent all day yesterday thinking about where we would have been on our journey to London, setting off about now, arriving about now checking in etc. I will watch the...
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    Toss up for which end at penalties. Boro told not allowed by police. Years ago

    Don't recall this but rules are rules and don't think they can be altered or tailored at police request' If they think there is a safety issue this should be addressed with segregation not a change in rules.
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    Sheff Wed v Posh

    No pressure
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    Sheff Wed v Posh

    What a game
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    Butchers - Online or Local

    Never been disappointed with Hutchinson Hobbs.
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    Wembley boro vs Sunderland

    Could be a full stadium of red/white.
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    Songs with US states in the title

    Me too, mid 2000's.
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    Songs with US states in the title

    Pennsylvania 6/5000 Glenn Miller
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    Whoop whoop Eurovision tonight

    as would Archa Cha Cha Cha Cha:)
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    Whoop whoop Eurovision tonight

    Could have Finlands entry as a Boro chant. I'm picturing Red Faction in Red puff sleeved boleros singing the Cha Cha Cha. :D
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    Mackem game on sky

    Some free kick that
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    Create your own Boro mural

    Wilf Mannion George Hardwick Brian Clough Juninho Stephen Pears Graham Souness Southgate Maddren Ravanelli Emerson Akpom Bobby Murdoch John Hickton David Armstrong Quedrue Maccarone
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    Stuff you think is overrated - top 3

    The Royal Family Golf Reality tv
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    The writing's on the wall, isnt it?

    In an Ideal World they don't get there. Boro v Luton we win Happy Days.
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    Booing National Anthem ( South Stand)

    I too applauded, I assumed it was for a young Boro fan who had died. RIP Jordan.
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    Getting a ton thread

    Halfway there. :D
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    God Save the King

    Save him from what?. What does that phrase even mean today?. He needs the least help of anybody on the planet.
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    You know what really grates about this coronation stuff

    At least the homeless in London will have company for the weekend. There is always a positive if you look hard enough.