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    Adama Traore

    He is a much better player now and all I see is Adama putting in great crosses and the Wolves forwards not converting the chances. His speed will kill Championship defenders
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    Who to support on Saturday

    How did Coventry beat us?
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    We must keep Chuba. (#KEEPCHUBA).

    Which is far too low!
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    Tom Heaton

    We won't be going for old players - they don't fit the model.
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    Very down.

    Plus the fact that players will want to play for MC I see us being favourites to go up tbh.
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    Let’s not forget how far we have come

    Football is better though
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    Riley McGree

    A wonderful footballer and he was just coming back to fitness in the play offs.
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    The commentary on Wed night was so pro Coventry

    Watched it when I got back from the game
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    The commentary on Wed night was so pro Coventry

    Just an observation sexpom - and I normally think the same as you but it really stood out for me when I watched it again.
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    The commentary on Wed night was so pro Coventry

    It was pretty obvious wasn't it! Even my wife who only watched it because of me said she she felt that they were willing Coventry to get through especially Goodman.
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    Who is? Gyokeres?
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    Blame me

    It was my fault - I'm the idiot who said that Coventry had never beaten a team in the top ten away all season! I am having a stern word with myself!
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    Positives from the season.......

    MC will have learnt a lot tonight
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    The better side won

    Carrick won’t be going anywhere
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Coventry Semi-Final 2nd leg. Match Day Thread *

    Smith off for Jones would be my sub during 2nd half
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    Score predictions for tonight

    Well as Coventry have never beaten anyone in the top ten this season away - I will go for a resounding 2-1 AET!
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    Coventry have not beaten any team away in the top 10 this season

    Interesting stat though - you need to relax Sheriff :D
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    Archer when defending corners.....

    What about Akpom against Watford when Archer broke away - was that from a corner which the keeper gathered?