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    State of this…

    To be fair it doesn’t read as if he’s came out and brought the topic up himself. Seems like he’s been asked about it and to summarise his comments he’s not particularly bothered either way if Boro fans do/don’t try to disrupt their sleep/prep. Bit of a non story.
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    Club Anthem

    Due to age I only really got to Ayresome Park a few times, so I enjoy Power game. Goes great with the shots of Ayresome on the big screen during the video montage. Also enjoy Steel River, and I seem to remember it getting a good run or games before stopping? The difficulty is there’s not...
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    Home play-off leg - Selling Arrangements 🎟️

    I had to delete all of my linked friends/family accounts before it would let me buy
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    Anfernee Dijksteel

    My opinion. Smith is more of an old school solid right back. Loves a tackle and the battle, a bit more aggressive, puts a decent cross in. Dijksteel probably a better modern day footballer, wouldn’t necessarily call him an attacking fullback but he does seem to have a knack of going on...
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    Steffens double save

    I didn’t think he left it ‘as’ last second as recent games. Don’t think the strikers put him under as much pressure with the ball at his feet. Nevertheless, a great game for him.
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    Fao rob or anyone what the boro policy re vapes

    Yeah, I genuinely appreciate that their pay is probably not worth the hassle they would likely get for challenging vapers… but if the stewards aren’t going to challenge it, who is? At least if a steward challenges it and is met with abuse they could escalate it and would likely be able to...
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    Fao rob or anyone what the boro policy re vapes

    If the stewards are looking at the crowd they should notice it themselves and not require other supporters to report it. It’s blatantly obvious and the plume of smoke is the give away. On a related note, I watched a lad walk past a steward and up to his seat with a pint in each hand on Friday...
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    Farmers who shoot dogs

    ‘No one has the right to take out a family pet in that way, however heedless the owners.’ Whether you like it or not, farmers do have that right.
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    Someone has got to say it.

    Make your mind up - has he picked the wrong team for 2 games running or are you displaying your trust for him?
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    No bottles of pop in the stands

    I was given a bottle in NW upper. £3 for a Diet Coke mind 😯😯
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    Part timers

    How do you someone’s a part timer? Just cos they don’t sit next to you every game doesn’t mean they aren’t there
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    That’s why they call him paddy mcnightmare

    Genuinely never heard anyone call him that, ever.
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    Didier Digard

    Had high hopes for him after he had Fabregas in his pocket at home vs Arsenal. Don’t think he ever recovered from the Cattermole tackle, performance wise.
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    Gentry Day for PNE this year is at Boro

    Just an observation, but some of the recent requests have actually been for people not yet deceased, but in hospital/suffering ailments etc. Agree there does seem to be social media requests very frequently recently.
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    Messages from Farris Haroun an Jordan Hugill re Chuba an Boro

    Good find… do you think you’d be able to find similar quality footage of the Birmingham goal??
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    Early Bird Season Tickets on sale

    I’m in this category. I work shifts so 100% can’t make every game, so a season ticket before fixtures announced is already a gamble. To pay an extra £60 on top of that would just be madness.
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    Red Faction - Ticket Price Statement

    What is RF’s statement in response to? Has there been any sound bites from the club/gazette etc about tickets actually going up, I can’t see anything?
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    Carricks subs

    Was actually thinking ‘we could do with Watmore coming on here’ when we had our backs to the wall. Thought Jones coming on was to try to relieve the pressure and get us further forward, he had some success with it. As mentioned, Crooks vision and composure for the assist sealed the win
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    Maddo post match

    ‘Also as well’