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  1. Kevo4

    Josh Coburn...

    He was fantastic. Well done mate
  2. Kevo4

    Bring back Soccer AM

    Other channels are available 👍
  3. Kevo4

    YouTube has become completely unwatchable

    No I’m utterly terrible, I have become my father!
  4. Kevo4

    YouTube has become completely unwatchable

    9 minute video I was watching had 6 separate ad breaks, totally infuriating
  5. Kevo4

    Any audio links folks?

    Class mate 👍
  6. Kevo4

    Any audio links folks?

    I’m currently working (away from Teesside) and wouldn’t mind listening it, thanks in advance
  7. Kevo4

    Hackney starts for England u21's.

    Against Luxembourg U21s folks, let’s not go daft
  8. Kevo4

    England squad - fantastic options esp in MF - and Henderson to start

    What are “Full caps”?
  9. Kevo4

    Proof man landed on the moon

    This thread is a beaut! Some proper clowns about like
  10. Kevo4

    Jordan Henderson interview with The Athletic

    Just a load of disingenuous rubbish, absolutely nobody’s buying his nonsense
  11. Kevo4

    Alex Gilbert

    Has he made his debut yet? This is bizarre
  12. Kevo4

    Luke Freeman

    I’d of had him when we were linked 5 years ago, wouldn’t have him now, declined immensely in the last few years, this board needs to look forward not back
  13. Kevo4

    Oli Mcburnie

    Even akpom wasn’t here to to the akpom role originally! We need to move away from what worked last season to a degree as losing Akpom and the loan players we had has effectively ripped the team apart, complete new concept this season required now
  14. Kevo4

    Oli Mcburnie

    So are you asking if he could do the akpom role or not? This suggestions just getting more and more confusing
  15. Kevo4

    Carrick 'not happy'?

    No link to this rumour only one persons heard then?
  16. Kevo4

    Oli Mcburnie

    😂😂🫣 Class that mate, tell another one
  17. Kevo4

    Usyk Dubois tonight

    Didn’t know we had so many boxing officials in here. The ex pros are not even sure about it.
  18. Kevo4

    Guess the footballer

    That’s naughty newy! He was the oldest looking 31 year old I’d ever seen mind!
  19. Kevo4

    Guess the footballer

    How the hell did you know that! Was shocked to see it was him to be honest, makes me fear my future birthdays
  20. Kevo4

    Guess the footballer

    Had to crop it to remove potential clues, so I’m sorry about the image quality. good luck!