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    Conceded first every game this season...

    Not writing anyone off just yet however the Silvera Rogers Jones front line look lightweight, I'm concerned also as I started a thread about keeping it right at the back, and we concede again. Gonna be struggle all season keeping them out.
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    Protect this house

    Under Armour advert need to show this to the team today ⛔
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    Sunderland 2 up against Southampton

    Jobe Bellingham looks a talent
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    Rate our transfer window

    Im concerned by the defence more than anything, Lenihan and Fry need to start to boss games and stop giving away stupid goals. ⛔
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    Patrick Roberts

    I like him good footballer, he played in a bad side at the Boro.
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    Martin Payero

    Undisclosed 1.5 million Euros
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    Lucy letby

    She won't last long in prison, they will be inmates in there ready to beat the living ***** out of her.
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    Latte Lath - Friendly vs Union Berlin

    Tony Yeboah MkII
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    Carrick at the United game tonight

    He is from Stokesley isn't he
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    Back to basics

    Once we get a LB RB we need to start to defend properly, not sure what the mind set is with the way we play but it's criminal some of the poor defending on show in the last 2 games and the 8 previous games last season. Agree we need reinforcements up top but we should be sound in defence not...
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    Would absolutely love us to sign a destroyer in midfield

    I have always liked Browne for Preston, decent going forward and loves a tackle.
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    Brum 1-0 Dirties

    Birmingham look decent this year, strong championship side
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    Stay classy Burnley

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    Akpom move

    Not happy about selling him but it's the way it goes unfortunately.
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    Akpom move

    Good luck to the lad, played his heart out last season and ultimately fell short with us, I have no issue with him leaving tbh it's a tough one as I do believe he loves it here but money talks unfortunately, if the so called 15 million Euros is what we get for him I'm sure it will go towards a...
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    Cheap beer for home

    You can get cheaper knock off's like Birra Moretti, Peroni, Estrella Damm bottles at Aldi. They are just as nice as the originals 500ml bottles mind. But about £1.50 a bottle of i can recall.
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    Lukas Engel

    Who is he?
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    Would love it if we got him back here
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    Lukas Engel

    15m Krone that's about 10 pints in Copenhagen