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    League 1 is a cracking league.....

    It is so competitive in league 1 with so many Ex premier league teams in there. Automatic promotion no longer an expectation ( Blunderland, Derby, Portsmouth, Ipswich will all testify to that) in a way it can help rejuvenate big clubs also. May be the kick up the backside we need to sort the...
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    Trial by media

    Probably. He is still very lucky to have kept his job at a ridiculous salary considering what he did. It was despicable and something I hope he regretted afterwards,
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    Worse Labour MP [No poll]

    It has to be Diane Abbott. She is the the undisputed clown of politics when it comes to car crash interviews and letting her party down. It would also be reasonable to say she only gets elected because of the large ethnic vote in Hackney, and it being a very safe labour seat. Look at her track...
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    Trial by media

    True and this is regrettable. That said, in many ways he hasn't helped himself by his completely over the top promiscuous behaviours. These are lessons we all have to learn in life. Play with fire and you get your fingers burnt. He enjoys all the attention he gets clearly. He is an intelligent...
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    Trial by media

    Personally, following the disgusting behaviour of himself and Ross towards an elderly man, Andrew Sachs, leaving that message on his answer machine, both should never have been allowed to promote their toxic minds again. Instead they are given a slap on the wrist. And further rewarded by...
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    Trial by media

    Brand, like Saville has made millions of pounds using his lecherous personality and behaviour, for all to see and encouraged by the BBC, Channel 4 etc because this also made them money. Hiding in plain sight. His already huge ego is massaged by them and his behaviour knows no bounds because he...
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    Worst goal Boro have conceded?

    And to rub it in Henry stood in an arrogant pose looking at the Boro fans with a smile on his face. I could have murdered him that day. :(
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    I bet Jim wouldn't have said 'lovely, grand, smashing' to the guy from Wales on the programme who was a serial killer had he known. Surreal stuff.
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    Harry Maguire

    I don't particularly like Maguire after his 'Do you know who I am? antics on holiday. That sort of behaviour doesn't exactly help to bond him with the fans. The fact that he probably doesn't deserve to be in the England side also won't help. That said, I hate the constant booing and heckling of...
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    Hospital Food

    The quality of food may not be the tastiest in the world, I dare say. I am thankful for free food and care overall from the NHS which is the envy of the world. I think about other countries and their lack of basic food and water and count my blessings.
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    Feuds with neighbours

    I feel your pain. I had a very heated clash one evening with the neighbour years ago over cars blocking drives etc, long story. The next day I was going to my car and he was going to his. We looked at each other and crossed the road and shook hands and apologised. That's how these things should...
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    John Noakes scary stuff

    When he got to the top there was a Big Issue seller waiting for him. I always admired John Noakes. Not only did he have balls of steel, as seen in this clip, he was also a decent bloke. He was an entertainer yet to be equalled in my opinion. He did whatever was asked of him and always had a good...
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    Weird things you did as a kid

    As a young boy I used to visit my uncle Tom who was weird. He would take me up to the attic, make me take my clothes off, and encourage me to be intimate with a mermaid who lived among the cobwebs and darkness. He explained that the mermaid had magical powers and if I was intimate with her I...
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    John Fury!

    Him and his son both come across as loud and obnoxious at times. Not unlike the school bully with his right hand man. I don’t have any time for people who are over the top like this. McGregor comes across the same. They will always appeal to others who like to feel and look ‘macho’ hangers on...
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    Free the Geordie two... police brutality at the Etihad

    I wonder what university they both attended? Loved the bit where the son puffed out his chest stating he was beaten up in the cell ‘Aye ruffed us up a bit like ya nah’ that’s where the interpreter was brought in. They will be appealing to the court of human rights. What puzzles me is why a...
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    Twin brother scam

    Having just seen Aaron Connolly score two good goals for Hull I strongly believe his twin brother played for us. A brother who had never kicked a football in his life. Apart from a dodgy haircut he looks good.
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    Breath of fresh air...

    This morning in 'Boro centre a small black lad came up to me, he smiled and handed me a leaflet. It was a leaflet about God. His father stood nearby, smiling, and two other young lads were also handing out leaflets. They may be from the same family. What a breath of fresh air this was. We used...
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    Predictable in our unpredictability.

    When we completely bottled our promotion attempt in the last month last season I thought to myself it won't get any easier next season with even harder clubs competing in this division. And here we are. A worse start we couldn't have imagined, no goals scored, and four conceded. When Akpom...
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    Trouble after the game

    I’ve heard there was trouble after the game ( no surprises there) started by our own. When will this lunacy stop? Anyone else heard anything?
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    The atmosphere today

    I think it was a combination of the weather and fans concerns that we have lost such key players since last season. Trepidation/lack of belief of the fans can also effect the players on the pitch. The old adage 'You could cut the atmosphere with a knife' being an example. It was flat. The...