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  1. Keelo

    I know how good the Group is

    You can pretty much fill in for managers (and players) at these press conferences...As soon as the question is asked you pretty much know the reply. That's why I don't bother watching them anymore. some of the replies are an insult to your intelligence.. Carrick says he knows the group ..I...
  2. Keelo

    Press Conference 2pm

    This exactly ,it's a squad full to the brim with no talent......
  3. Keelo

    Daniel Khalife pleads not guilty to escaping Wandsworth prison

    I'd add another 5 yrs on his eventual sentence for being so fkn stupid and wasting peoples time pleading not guilty...silly little arrogant tvvat
  4. Keelo

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Sheffield Wednesday Match-Day Thread *

    Did someone above mention aspirations to be top six ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  5. Keelo

    We were beaten by one goal away

    Players with potential and projects people keep posting.....ffs who saw potential in this squad? Wants to get himself to Specsavers asap
  6. Keelo

    Carrick will walk

    MFC are a very sad state of affairs on and off the field ( especially recruitment) at the moment.....sigh!!!!
  7. Keelo

    Nopps Car Park

    Scumbags have been around for donkeys years and will be in the future.... I go back about 40 yes ago ,parked on Ayersome park road attending a night match with me dad....came out after the match and someone had slashed mine and another 3 cars "both" offside broken windows,no attempt...
  8. Keelo

    The tories weaponising ULEZ

    Imperial College London, globally renowned experts in air quality research, have looked at the health burden of air pollution in London. Their research found that in 2019, toxic air contributed to the premature deaths of around 4,000 Londoners. seems like a complete no brainer to me..Power to...
  9. Keelo

    Trump to be arrested at 00.30 UK time

    Trump is the devil incarnate...It still amazes me how so many people can be sucked into his mad World..It happened here with Bozo,and in fact going on all over the World..There must be a human gene that just "clicks" over in some people when madmen come calling..I certainly cant get my head...
  10. Keelo

    This is bad

    Change seems to is
  11. Keelo

    Rishi Sunak's ULEZ Culture War

    Ones a clown the other is Norman Wisdom...... similarities anyone !!!
  12. Keelo

    No excuses. That’s not good enough

    My take in 6 words...... It's gonna be a long season
  13. Keelo


    Who's that woman commentating...... Ffs if she says "Transion" once more I'm turning the tele off...... ..that's it!!! It's off
  14. Keelo

    Buses - help needed

    Coastliner’s 840 route between Leeds, York, Malton, Pickering, and Whitby was named Britain’s Most Scenic Bus Route in a national poll of bus users. Its buses provide views across the North York Moors National Park. Make it a full day out, you know it makes sense 👍🙂
  15. Keelo

    Mass shooting in Baltimore

    There'll be another one tomorrow....what a sick place it's turned into
  16. Keelo

    Lee Anderson - GB News

    Has the Nasty party ever been so infected by low life's and lack of talent as there is at present ? It's the same in the GOP at the moment too...What is happening with the human race that elects such morons into power.
  17. Keelo

    What is the best thing you have won in a competition?

    Once won 2 tickets for the international festival of country music at the Empire Pool Wembley from the Northern Echo to see my singing hero George Jones. Also won the Scarborough and district junior judo championship around 1964-5 but was presented with the trophy by a certain Mayor who's name...
  18. Keelo

    Goodbye, please do not come back

    I see hardman Mogg has warned other tories never to stand in the way of bozo returning......that would frighten me sh it less...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  19. Keelo

    Miners Arms in Eston banning tracksuit bottoms and caps

    A few shops should take the same approach with females shopping in their jimjams and bedroom slippers...lazy idle *****
  20. Keelo

    I was wrong about Boris Johnson

    I despise the piece of sh** for what he brought upon this country but the frightening thing is the other evil one ,and plenty more, are still batting for him.......Surely the unbearable, inconceivable could never happen ....:( Priti Patel will accuse Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of presiding...