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    What a horrible side Sheff Utd are

    But they're honest, and don't go down, too honest apparently.
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    Cameron Archer

    No striker can look good in this team
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    Best Areas for Pubs/Nightlife in/near Watford?

    Doing overnights for the Boro game/NFL next week. Does anyone have any recommendations for spots to head to either in or around Watford and potentially heading in to London? Staying in Watford.
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    only 8pts off the play offs!

    We'll have already secured our place in Europe following the League Cup win by then so almost no pressure going in to the finals
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Sheffield Wednesday Match-Day Thread *

    We are so bad it is scary
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    Stress free weekend coming up , what are

    Running the great north run. Weather causing the stress the Boro usually does:cool:
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    Matt Clarke back in training

    Well he's not going to be asked to bomb up the left wing (you'd hope) when playing at the moment. Perhaps he's a good option when asked to just defend?
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    Smith v Eubank

    I think it's a fair enough stoppage
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    Do some of you think you might be slightly over-reacting?

    The problem is we have gone from playing some of the most attractive football most of us have ever seen to one absolutely incapable of passing to another team mate. Individual errors all over the pitch. Time and time again. All over the place and whenever we move the ball forward, forwards who...
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    Engel made McNair look good today
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    How does he keep lasting 90 mins?
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    Team for Tomorrow

    Is Smith not back? Was he not suspended v Bolton? Would be surprised if O'Brien was straight in. Dieng Smith (McNair if suspended) Fry Lenihen Engel Howson Hackney Jones Rogers McGree Latte Lath
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    Hayden Hackney in England u21s

    Adds a few million on 👀
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    Ansu Fati to Brighton - Season Long Loan

    Teams around Europe looking at Brighton knowing they can get them in to a team that look to play good football. Barca might have an eye on their recent sales and think a year at Brighton will make them a lot of money at the end of a loan spell.
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    Fantastic away support.

    Also it does feel so far this season like it is taking a really long time for the club/opposition clubs to provide details on ticket info We were waiting for Coventry to announce their own ticketing which delayed us. Blackburn/Sheffield Wednesday are in 3/4 weeks but we've had no information. I...
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    Nathan Wood

    We'd be seeing the same with Hackney at some point down the line if we still had Wilder. Another black mark on his tenure. It wouldn't surprise me if we didn't have a sell on clause
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    Fantastic away support.

    Assume Blackburn and Wednesday will be popular.
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    F*CK VAR