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  1. Capybara

    Ex-Boro players- Where are they now?

    Alan Walsh has become Kelsey Grammer's father-in-law.
  2. Capybara

    Have you ever been in a hot air balloon ?

    Did he land on the moon? Anyway, yes, back in the 80s. In fact I flew by hot air balloon before I flew by 'plane.
  3. Capybara

    Oh, for the ethos of Union Berlin.

    With a couple of exceptions, all German clubs are fan-owned. And that includes Bayern.
  4. Capybara

    DEVENTE COLE - Barnsley

    No. This was in 1996.
  5. Capybara

    DEVENTE COLE - Barnsley

    He didn't say much. In fact he was struggling to stay on his feet
  6. Capybara

    DEVENTE COLE - Barnsley

    I've met him.
  7. Capybara

    Any season ticket holders thinking of wrapping in yet

    Interesting you should mention Cheltenham. They are on the verge of breaking the Football League record for the longest time after the start of the season without scoring a goal. If they don't score in the first eleven minutes of their next game they have the record.
  8. Capybara

    Any season ticket holders thinking of wrapping in yet

    If nothing else, a continuing bad run might put an end to the tedious "Aren't we great?" threads associated with ticket sales for away matches.
  9. Capybara

    Would you pay for X (Twitter)?

    It's pretty much useless now unless you are a registered user. So if, as I did earlier, you go on to a club's Twitter feed to find the latest about a game you are going to later, you'll just get a random post from, say, 2021. And all the other posts are in random order.
  10. Capybara

    Worse Labour MP [No poll]

    I was about to post exactly this.
  11. Capybara

    Channel 4 Dispatches - Saturday Night

    I am quite disturbed about how many on that cartoon I do recognise.
  12. Capybara

    Average price of beer where you are

    I paid £6.50 for a third of a pint of stout in Harrogate a few weeks ago.
  13. Capybara

    Rugby players’ haircuts

    If they are anything like me* they'll mumble something about tidying it up and making it a bit shorter and hope the barber doesn't make too much of a mess of it and they'll release me as quickly as possible. I'm an old age pensioner and have never known what to say to the barber. * I recognise...
  14. Capybara

    Worst Tory Ever - Poll

    Cameron was feeble. Couldn't face up to the extremists in his party so gave them a referendum in the most favourable circumstances possible because he thought he could wing it. Then when he couldn't he was off. A weak, pathetic individual. Thatcher was pretty instrumental in setting up the...
  15. Capybara

    Worst Tory Ever - Poll

    I'm old enough and she doesn't. It's Cameron.
  16. Capybara


    We reached the FA Cup Final there
  17. Capybara

    Jonathan Woodgate

    'not sure' :)
  18. Capybara

    Train Strikes for Watford

    Yes, you can get the Metropolitan Line to Watford or the TfL Overground to Watford High Street from Euston.
  19. Capybara

    Reputation of man utd

    Well, we've had a stadium announcer and a mascot.
  20. Capybara

    Worst goal Boro have conceded?

    Away to Aston Villa in 1989. Last minute and we were safe from relegation. Then they equalised in slow motion and we lost the next two and went down.