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  1. Richyboro

    The Met Pay out damages

    Also worrying that they couldn't identify the one that did the hitting.
  2. Richyboro

    Anyone used motorway to sell their car?

    I've always used webuyanycar and never had a problem, takes 5 mins and its done. They've never knocked the online quote down so far after 4 sales.
  3. Richyboro

    Let’s thank the internet for….

    F You Ezekiel!
  4. Richyboro

    Wilder was not sacked for football reasons

    Reading this thread is shocking.....Strachan, Monk, Wilder! Gibbo has certainly picked some wrong'uns.
  5. Richyboro

    Mobile car paint repairs please

    I've used these before, was very happy with the work and price was ok.
  6. Richyboro

    Darren Moore

    I think you should keep your thoughts to yourself.
  7. Richyboro

    Eton College Welcomed to Middlesbrough

    That will stop those pesky Labour calls for private schools losing their charitable status.
  8. Richyboro

    Supporters Forum MINUTES

    Ryanair customer care at British Airways prices.
  9. Richyboro

    What has been our worst transfer decision?

    Agree with lizard, letting Schwarzer leave, worse decision since the 3pts mess up.
  10. Richyboro

    Well done British Gas!

    Energy and Banking sectors
  11. Richyboro

    Well done British Gas!

    So that's record profits for Energy and Banking, ever get the feeling we are being conned?
  12. Richyboro

    Which song has the best lyrics

    Sympathy for the Devil - The Stones
  13. Richyboro


    My kids can't believe the speeds we get now, can't believe I put up with Sky for so long.
  14. Richyboro

    Leicester sign Conor Coady and Harry Winks.

    Coady/Winks not world beaters, good champo players.
  15. Richyboro

    Nurses strike to end

    Too many different unions being represented. Need to be united.
  16. Richyboro

    Aitor Karanka

    3rd in a two horse race.
  17. Richyboro

    Pay review bodies - does the Tory hypocrisy know no bounds?!

    They won't even publish the Teacher's Pay Review Report, 6.5% they recommended, 4.5% they offered.
  18. Richyboro

    Working in the public sector at the moment is soul destroying

    The Tory masterplan, run all public services into the ground, manipulate the people into turning against it, then parcel it up between their mates and privatise. Austerity, we're all in it together remember.
  19. Richyboro

    More Rail strikes planned

    The strikes are to cause disruption and to cost their employers money. Their employers will eventually realise it would be cheaper to give the workers a rise than to continue with playing hard ball. As for disruption, of course it caused disruption but major events will always go ahead and...
  20. Richyboro

    More Rail strikes planned

    Blame the system for prioritisng profits before workers as well.