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  1. davidmills

    Team leaked.. sort of.. Phil Stamp

    If that's the team then we don't really need to worry about Carrick being sacked because that team is dreadful.
  2. davidmills

    Canary Islands Advice please

    If you don’t like wInd give Costa Teguise a miss iits not called breezy teguise for nothing
  3. davidmills

    If we can get this team out on to the pitch

    We look better suited for 3 at back and wing backs with this set of players. If only Carrick was flexible ..................................Dieng ......................Rav Fry Lenihan Jones..........................................................McGree ..............Crooks Hackney...
  4. davidmills

    This is on Gibson, not Carrick

    He only has to beat Engels in training though
  5. davidmills

    Brook included in Eng World Cup squad

    Don’t think Wood. will play many 50 over games in India
  6. davidmills


    Take a look at Blackburns breakaways in the second half when they should have scored 3 or 4 more goals. Nearly all came from poor Hackney passes or being caught in possession. On top of this he didn’t get back nowhere near fast enough after losing possession. But hey he was phenomenal apparently...
  7. davidmills

    Crooks' goal

    access cards aren't black
  8. davidmills

    Crooks' goal

    what does that mean
  9. davidmills


    "He was phenomenal yesterday" Really
  10. davidmills

    Team for Tuesday then?

    everyone keeps mentioning Fry , he was far better than Lenihan yesterday.
  11. davidmills

    Team for Tuesday then?

    If all are fit When in trouble do what footballers know best Back to Basics 442 …………….Dieng Smith Fry Lenihan Bangura Jones Howson OBrien McGree ............Forss Coburn Time for Hackney to sit alongside Carrick and listen to what he wants from his central midfielder. Incidentally...
  12. davidmills

    Mcgree surely the question has to asked now

    If anyone can't see McGree is our best option from our current squad for either wide left or 10 role then they might as well give up now and I include Carrick in this.
  13. davidmills

    How’s it gone so wrong so quickly

    Or 2 million bags of crisps
  14. davidmills

    We were beaten by one goal away

    But we didn’t
  15. davidmills

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Blackburn Match-Day Thread *

    Hackney was awful as he has been all season Gives ball away continuously. Caught out of position countless times. Players are running off him in midfield all the time. (This is one of the biggest problems we have in the team at the moment as our 2 center backs can’t handle players running at them).
  16. davidmills

    Giles dropped to bench by Luton

    Only a matter of time wasn’t it really. Totally wrong type of player for Luton’s system. Feel he will regret going there..
  17. davidmills

    Club Shop...Jeeeeeeez

    Doesnt help that the shirts are so small a fit that 10 year old's have to buy Mens meduium/large shirts with gambling logos on them just to get a shirt to fit.
  18. davidmills

    Yorkshiremen throwing away their wickets……

    Cant think when Root last played a game for Yorkshire, certainly not this season
  19. davidmills

    The Afonso alves myth

    At end of Alvez's 1st season Rochemback was in the team, playing well and linking up well with Alvez. Arca was out of the team and not getting a game. So what did we do, get rid of fellow Brazilian Rochemback and give Arca a new contract. Huge error from the club again. Alvez was never the same...
  20. davidmills

    Yorkshiremen throwing away their wickets……

    I just asked a question. When was the last time any of them actually played for Yorkshire? I didn't say they cease to be Yorkshiremen just cos they play for other teams.