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  1. newyddion

    Who are our strongest 11?

    ———————Dieng——————— Dijksteel—RVDB—Lenihan—O’Brien ————Howson—Hackney———— ———Jones—Crooks—McGree—— ———————Forss———————
  2. newyddion

    Getting embarrassing for sheff utd

    We have no idea where we would be or how we would be competing. By the looks of it Giles, Archer & Akpom would not be up to scratch.. Blessing in disguise that we didn’t go up?
  3. newyddion

    Are Carrick's pre game handshakes up to the job.

    a quick dip into natures pocket should bring it hotdog gravy to the mix.. always a winner.
  4. newyddion

    Team for Bradford..

    Agyemang maybe?
  5. newyddion

    If we win tomorrow..

  6. newyddion

    Howsons pen papering over the cracks in his performance?

    Hmm.. he put in a shift and turned on the lace when he needed to
  7. newyddion

    Sam Greenwood

    The new payero? interesting..
  8. newyddion

    If we win tomorrow..

    Wayward passes sometimes happen.. especially when your trying something unexpected or different. He brought more players into the game.. excellent performance.
  9. newyddion

    Sam Greenwood

    He played in the prem last season..
  10. newyddion

    Sam Greenwood

    I hope it’s a try before you buy sort of deal.. as you say why on earth would we develop a young player for a direct rival?
  11. newyddion

    Josh Coburn...

    Josh.. meet Uncle Uche.. ‘the iron never lets you down’
  12. newyddion


    Hackney is darn sarf innit? Hayden Haverton maybe Hayden Hemlington even better
  13. newyddion

    Team for Bradford..

    I find rocking backwards and forwards helps
  14. newyddion

    If we win tomorrow..

    The answer was.. Crooks. I thought it would be tbh.. better than Sander Berge and Philip Billing? probably
  15. newyddion

    Carricks comments

    Makes the first 11 sound like a big deal.. Everyone has had a chance to show their stuff.
  16. newyddion

    Team for Bradford..

    Carrick will have David De Gea’s number for sure
  17. newyddion


  18. newyddion


    We didn’t.. we got 3 points.. that’s what top six teams do
  19. newyddion

    Team for Bradford..

    Injured isn’t he?