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  1. The Card Cheat

    The rugby world cup begins tomorrow!

    England are likely to play Fuji then are they?
  2. The Card Cheat

    Football Focus Struggling!!!

    It's not ticking boxes though is it? It's attempting to give a fair reflection of the audience and society in general that they represent. Male, Female, Gay, Straight, White, Black, Asian etc. They haven't employed Alex Scott simply to tick boxes , they've employed her because she has over a...
  3. The Card Cheat

    Football Focus Struggling!!!

    “The woke route”. What an absolute doyle.🙄 Forgets to mention literally all traditional bbc television viewing has seen a record decline in the last 5 or 6 years.
  4. The Card Cheat

    We can't score and nor can we defend...

    The irony of your username.🙄
  5. The Card Cheat


    For the League Cup final? As obviously we're going up automatically.🤠
  6. The Card Cheat

    We beat Norwich 5-1 11 league games ago with a team of.....

    I think this is the game where it all went wrong bizarrely. If Ramsey doesn't get injured and plays the rest of the season including the play offs, we'd now be complaining about being bottom of the premier league instead of the championship!😂
  7. The Card Cheat

    Chorlton and the Wheelies.

    i think we can escape relegation but I’m increasingly convinced we need to change formation to suit the strengths we have. I’d definitely go 3 5 2. We’re strong at CB, Wing back, central midfield and have strikers who I think would benefit from playing in a partnership. It’s not my favourite...
  8. The Card Cheat

    Matt Clarke plays in friendly for the under 21s.

    I think he could play in a back 3, but not as an attacking Centre Back as Wilder wanted him to play. Maguire plays well for England as part of a back 3 despite not being the quickest.
  9. The Card Cheat

    Hands up if you wanted Coburn to lead tonight!

    That's absolute rubbish. Set up our one good chance in the first half. Lead the line well, linked play well, won the ball back on several occasions. Lots of issues last night but Coburn was a positive.
  10. The Card Cheat

    Will we see Engel again? ....

    Last season with Giles we kind of played 3 at the back a lot of the time. Giles was to all intents and purposes a left wing back, and Smith tucked in from right back to make an extra centre back. Second half last night we did this again except with Jones as purely a wing back and VDB tucking in...
  11. The Card Cheat

    Will we see Engel again? ....

    I think this may be the way forward. Jones best ever form for us was from wing back, our left backs are all wing backs and it’d enable us to play three across the middle of midfield, where we’ve been getting overrun.
  12. The Card Cheat

    Ye he needs to go

    I'm pretty sure "I'll do the job" is clear enough. But he did make the change and it worked, if he's getting pelters for the subs that didn't work he should at least get some credit for the one that definitely did. I'm not saying McGree did necessarily have a knock, the point I'm making is we...
  13. The Card Cheat

    Ye he needs to go

    My God I think your serious.🤣🤣🤣 You're actually and genuinely putting yourself forward for the job because you've wasted the best years of your life playing football manager when you should have been out in the sunshine. You do realise Will Still didn't go straight from playing FM on his PC to...
  14. The Card Cheat

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Sheffield Wednesday Match-Day Thread *

    Was there a potential foul for our goal? It looked scrappy but I didn't see anything that could have lead to it being disallowed.
  15. The Card Cheat

    Why did he take McGree off???

    I don't agree with taking McGree off but I don't think that's entirely why the game changed. It changed because they strengthened their left side defensively to cope with Jones, everything we were doing well at that point went down our right side.
  16. The Card Cheat


    There was a moment in the second half when Hackney (who I thought was very good) played an excellent through ball to him and he was one on one with the keeper and he basically forgot to kick the ball and just let it run through to the keeper.🤣🤣🥃🤷
  17. The Card Cheat

    Engel - left back....

    I don't think he has been. Not good going forward but at least solid defensively.
  18. The Card Cheat

    Engel - left back....

    I've just had a quick scan of the subs to see who can take his place. Glover maybe.🤷
  19. The Card Cheat

    Can you get a refund from club for away tickets i??

    How's about if you can make the game?
  20. The Card Cheat

    Scotland v England

    I forgot to reply to this, but basically you've said he's a terrible keeper and has made loads of mistakes for England and yet can't think of a single mistake he's made in 55 games and 8 years which has lead to a Goal. Seems balanced and fair...🙄