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  1. starplayer

    I know how good the Group is

    I do think we will be more effective if we can score first. Dont think we have all season. Carrrick seems to suggest his teams are about exploiting space so I would hope we are better if we can get a lead.
  2. starplayer

    Used Small Cars

    That is a big point chutney. The first year I thought if I added me and mam to the insurance it would make it more expensive but it brought it way down.
  3. starplayer

    Used Small Cars

    Doubt you will get insurance for <£1k even with tracker device. I used auto trader and filtered sub 50k miles and within 20 miles for small hatchback. Then I suppose its pot luck. I bought a 60 plate clio for one daughter 3 yrs ago for £2.2k and 60 plate citroen C1 for £1850 2 yrs ago for other...
  4. starplayer

    Rumoured team

    A midfield 2 of Howson snd Obrien should at least provide the defence with some cover. Be interesting to see whether the OP has it right or your info is correct
  5. starplayer

    I cant believe this ...but we are going down

    I think we will get out of it but it is more than concerning that I dont think we have played any team that I would say were promotion or play off candidates.
  6. starplayer

    Southgate doubts Foden in CM role

    Whilst he is obviously a talent as far as England are concerned the best I can say is if he keeps mount out of the side then thats ok with me. At club level he wont be as effective at another club in my opinion. The space he gets with City is what he thrives on and he will probably wont get that...
  7. starplayer

    Who is the worst courier service and why is it Evri?

    Evri used to be Hermes. They were absolutely terrible. Lost loads of our stuff a couple of xmas’s ago. Haven’t had any issues since their rebranding and our local delivery girl is very nice. DPD are always spot on. Amazon mainly good. My mrs gets stuff from QVC. I don’t know which company...
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    I thought it was a mandatory sentence but obviously got that wrong
  9. starplayer

    Machete Am I missing something here. Previous offence of carrying bladed article. Given 26 week suspended sentence. Now attacks a home with a machete and hockey stick and now gets 13 month suspended sentence...
  10. starplayer

    Callum Kavanagh

    I was always impressed with him. He seemed hungry and had a bit of a purpose in his play. I thought he was destined to break through but he now seems to be behind Finch and Coburn.
  11. starplayer

    How would you set up after the international break ?

    I would list my best players then set a formation to fit them. I am not sure if Carrick and the coaches know their best team.
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    Whenever I see a politician saying we will find the money to sort it out I then assume that they and their mates have manoeuvred themselves into positions where they will benefit financially. I am sure there will be some very generous contracts handed out before too long.
  13. starplayer

    Where was Crooks today?

    Injured v Bolton wasn’t he ?
  14. starplayer

    Lost 4 players and we are fkd ....

    Thats right. It isn’t just this season but the last 4 or 5 games of last season. Today was the worst though. We are predictable and ponderous in our build up allowing the opposition to get back in numbers. Rodgers didn’t play well but they aren’t robots and he was far from being alone In giving...
  15. starplayer

    2 women jailed for 2 years for torturing and killing pet parrot

    I know its weird replying to my own post but whilst waiting to walk down to the stadium I thought I’d watch a bit of youtube. The first video that popped up was ‘ The best scene from the film scum’. Strange, or not?
  16. starplayer

    Rate our transfer window

    I went 8. Obrien will make a massive contribution in my opinion. The front of the team are pretty much unproven but they will only get better. They have created as many chances if not more than the opposition have. Just need a bit more composure. We have loads of options now in this area of the...
  17. starplayer

    Jeremy Sivi > Harrogate

    Sivi and Folarin now. Hope he does well
  18. starplayer

    Luton v West Ham

    Well …………………………….,,,,.,,,,,,No
  19. starplayer

    Luton v West Ham

    Would much prefer Luton to stay up than West Ham
  20. starplayer

    Jonson Clarke-Harris

    Wonder who is desperate enough?