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  1. Linthorpe_Exile

    We made it on the best bits of a fantasy stadium

    .... And an interview with Sol Bamba as well:
  2. Linthorpe_Exile

    One year of Michael Carrick

    Highlight for me was the win at SheffU on TV... we played some wonderful football that night..
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    Bobby Charlton Has Died

    My favourite Sir Bobby goal:
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    This may be useful to sufferers and non-sufferers alike: "Give up gluten. Take up surfing. Eat a baked potato ... Readers with experience of depression share the advice that really helped them – and what really didn’t" HERE
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    Union with David Olusoga

    A really good programme - great narrative and I like his presentation. Some fascinating detail most of which was completely new to me. I wish TV like this and Horrible Histories had been around when I was at school :(
  6. Linthorpe_Exile

    The result at Roker park in February 77 finally avenged

    Yep... I was there and we were taken to the cleaners. Quite a bit of aggro where we were stood as well - an awful day.
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    Car Insurance

    Home insurance quote has come in with a 40% increase
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    Why are we so disliked by other fans

    Sunderland's lofty pretence at not caring about us is laughable
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    Boro fans at wolves 1981

    I was at the Cup replay - what an opportunity that year.... Like Lemmy above, I'm also still not over it.
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    The end?

    Anyone see the powerful Newsnight feature last night? Very moving closing scene featured sister of killed Ukrainian soldier - when asked about ending the war stated "I just want all Russians dead".
  11. Linthorpe_Exile

    Squires - what next for NW :D
  12. Linthorpe_Exile

    The end?

    So they say.... but I think it is the shadow market that counts for a lot of their "exports"
  13. Linthorpe_Exile

    The end?

    This must be helping the Russian cause - oil price $ per barrel...
  14. Linthorpe_Exile

    Horizon Post Office Scandal

    Mine too. The directors or whatever the call themselves should have been jailed - instead they'll no doubt have suitably generous salaries, pensions, bonuses, to keep them occupied. :mad:
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    Transporter Bridge wars

    I've been over the Bilbao and Newport TBs, as well as our own, obvs. Ours much chunkier construction iirc.
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    Morrisson's a few years back.... Big yellow sticker saying "Was £6 Now £7 You save £-1"... manager nearly had a coronary when I pointed it out
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    Rugga WC France v All Blacks

    Didn't enjoy the game. I'm not enjoying much RU at the moment, not even including turgid England performances. Scrums take too long and are full of pernickity infringements, getting a penalty is now an art form that is too generously rewarded, competition for the high ball is now fraught with...
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    Post your favourite ABBA song

    And one more
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    John Noakes scary stuff

    Scares the proverbial out of me. I remember watching it as a kid and was equally traumatised then. Feel same watching the famous Fred Dibnah ascent of the chimney stack he is knocking down brick by brick.
  20. Linthorpe_Exile

    Carrick sacked by Middlesbrough on 30th December

    With posts like this he may sack us before then :rolleyes: