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  1. gizasqueezemister

    Andy Burnham

    He has been asked a few times during interviews if he would consider it and he has never said no from what I recall. Would be a great move for all if it happened. Particularly as I can't see any natural successor for SKS should he bomb before or after the GE. Nandy maybe or Streeting but while...
  2. gizasqueezemister

    Why are the Far Right rising?

    The ability to lie and lie well is an essential part of the politicians tool kit. Anyone who thinks there is a party in waiting who are going to come in and tell the truth are simply deluded. This should however be limited to maters affecting the Nations security and best interests. The Tories...
  3. gizasqueezemister

    Net migration figures

    Isn’t that what Starmer said too.. ? Does he really believe that or is he just diving in boots first? Who knows…
  4. gizasqueezemister

    Queens of the Stone Age

    Thinking of doing Way out West next summer also. Have you done it before? Worth a visit?
  5. gizasqueezemister

    Queens of the Stone Age

    It was pretty awesome. The Mrs is a bigger fan than me so I didn't know the full set but they definitely are a band that need to be heard live to be fully appreciated. They did a huge set covering the new stuff and old favs, even taking requests from the crowd. Glasgow crowd were pretty mental...
  6. gizasqueezemister

    Queens of the Stone Age

    Glasgow Saturday for me. Looking forward to it
  7. gizasqueezemister


    Again might not be the weather for it but you can take the Dart train to the coast to a place called Howth (about 30 mins). Worth seeing if the weather is kind, some nice little eating places there.
  8. gizasqueezemister


    Been many times and always enjoyed it but it is mainly about the drink (the Guinness in most places is awesome). If you need to give the liver a rest and its not ******* down the zoo is a decent day out, if you're into that sort of thing.
  9. gizasqueezemister

    Keir Starmer

    Anyone of any relevance or just the usual suspects?
  10. gizasqueezemister

    I recall Simon Clarke

    In mainstream politics maybe so.. but the undercurrent is there. Equally though the right may dispute the 'hard-right' tag which now appears to be applied liberally to anyone who doesn't share some modicum of socialist ideology. Lee Anderson is a different story though I will give you that....
  11. gizasqueezemister

    Rwanda Scheme Booted Out

    Another demonstration of this Government's complete incompetence. Not sure rejoicing that the boats can continue is the most humane response however. With no Plan B according to Cruella we may need to wait until Labour are in post. I hope their plan to speed up the legal route is enough because...
  12. gizasqueezemister

    I recall Simon Clarke

    Lol the old whataboutary response. In other words don't bother replying unless you agree with me. Nice rationale for reasoned debate.
  13. gizasqueezemister

    I recall Simon Clarke

    What about the hard left? Equally as dangerous in my opinion. I 'dislike' any form of extremism. At the moment we have a leader of the opposition who isn't 'labour enough' and now tory activists are saying Sunak isn't a true conservative. Political pundits suggest the election will become a race...
  14. gizasqueezemister

    All The Light We Cannot See

    If anyone is on Spotify premium its free in Audiobooks also.
  15. gizasqueezemister

    Libertines @ The Arc

    brutal that but managed to get 2
  16. gizasqueezemister


    A very clear split now in the Tory party now between 2, possibly 3, factions. With a seemingly similar divide in the Labour Party this seems to be the ultimate perfect storm for the electorate. Arguably all labour need to do is come together as a party to secure a huge majority. Easier said than...
  17. gizasqueezemister

    Red Faction brilliant today.

    Wasn't there today but that's good to hear. Always the first blocks to sell out - despite the 'health risks'. Love their work.
  18. gizasqueezemister

    Wor flights from Teesside to Dortmund for the Geordies

    Why give a Krakow example when you know fine well it's not a Teesside destination at the moment. Obviously the biggest draw back with Teesside (apart from the Mayor's budget - but hey this isn't a political point being made is it) is its limited routes. But that will only improve if people use...
  19. gizasqueezemister

    Wor flights from Teesside to Dortmund for the Geordies

    National express from Boro to Newcastle airport in an hour. At a take off time of your choosing. Are you sure? Yes I have 'muddled' my way to Newcastle airport many times for work over the last 12 years, often paying 80 quid each way in a taxi because of take off and landing times. I will take...
  20. gizasqueezemister

    Wor flights from Teesside to Dortmund for the Geordies

    I would rather than call it Middleton than Teeside. Where the F is that?? And btw I have used it 6 times this year and it isn't all 'Teesside' accents you hear. Yorkshire, Durham and Tyne in equal amounts from what I recall.