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  1. Expat Smoggie

    Look on the bright side

    Jones and Djksteel back for Wednesday and maybe one more, so let’s not get too downhearted with the home loss. In a couple of weeks we’ll have Hackney back and maybe Paddy and Forss. Keep the faith!!
  2. Expat Smoggie

    Sell Morgan Rodgers in January

    Rogers got nailed in the first few minutes so I’m guessing Ipswich did their homework on him and made sure they basically put him on 50 percent for the rest of the game.
  3. Expat Smoggie

    Coburn, Gilbert, plus one other sub

    I think we’ve got the message with Gil, he’ll be loaned out in Jan. I was surprised Silvera didn’t start in place of Greenwood but then again without McGree and Hackney we’re pretty much ordinary in the middle. I don’t know how much Howson has left in the tank but today he looked MT.
  4. Expat Smoggie

    Kike Sola or Latte Lath

    Any chance we can bring Stuani back — he’s on fire with (my) Girona. lol 😆. 37 years young and still killing it in La Liga.
  5. Expat Smoggie

    Two keepers on loan?

    Anyone fancy bringing Zack Steffen back while Dieng is away?
  6. Expat Smoggie

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Ipswich Match - Day Thread *

    It was easy street for the tractor boys today — painful to watch. I can’t remember having such a sick list. We all know that injuries and suspensions are just part of the game but to have so many players out due to injuries is hard to fathom, and most of them are long term. Now we’re looking for...
  7. Expat Smoggie

    Van McCoy

    From the Clive rd end it sounded like the Histle (before ko) but who knows through all the smoke eh
  8. Expat Smoggie

    I think we’ll win tomorrow

    It maybe a little early to suggest this but if we beat Ipswich with all the missing players we have then I’m happy to say that Michael Carrick is well on his way to being an elite coach.
  9. Expat Smoggie

    The horrible Joey Barton at it...

    Usually I turn the sound off if it’s not Maddo commentating lol 😆 Seriously though all of today’s commentators seem to think too hard and/or say too much, maybe because they are paid by the word? As for women commentators personally I’d like to hear a thick yorkie accent or maybe even jawdee...
  10. Expat Smoggie

    NFL Week 14 schedule

    Pats beat Steelers in a wretched game — Steelers head coach will be heavily scrutinized after so many games going down the drain due to bad play calling. Steelers were 3-14 in third downs. Chronic.
  11. Expat Smoggie

    NFL Week 14 schedule

    Sunday could be the last throw of dice for those teams hoping to make it to the playoffs non more-so than the Buffalo Bills who have to travel to KC who are also struggling. The AFC still looks very much open for teams vying for the playoffs with the AFC North, South and West still very close...
  12. Expat Smoggie

    Well said Suella

    Welcome to the new democracy where if you’re a convicted criminal you’re on easy street. UK is probably going the same way as the US where no-one hardly talks to each other for fear of “who’s that person?” You’ll be always checking your back, if you’re not already doing that.
  13. Expat Smoggie

    * Sheffield United V Liverpool at "Bramley Lane" [Wed 6th Dec] Match Day Thread *

    Anyone expecting a new/old manager bounce then?
  14. Expat Smoggie

    Captain Cook Square - Beginning to Bounce Back

    Hurrah for everything Captain Cook!!
  15. Expat Smoggie

    Leeds 3rd Goal - offside

    Was the pen decision against Clarke in or outside the box? Initially I thought the foul happened outside, anyone confirm? Also the linesman who ran on the left gave Leeds a throw-in when clearly it was a Boro throw in, after a bit of confusion the ref overturned the throw in. The first yellow...
  16. Expat Smoggie

    NFL week 13 schedule

    Down to the last few mins at Green Bay. It hasn’t been pretty with a lot of players going down with injuries and lots of poor performances. Packers hold the advantage with the ball at the KC 20 yard line with 2 mins left.
  17. Expat Smoggie

    NFL week 13 schedule

    Packers and KC up next, weather doesn’t look to be a factor so I’m thinking KC by at least a TD, but I’m sure the home crowd will make it interesting for Mahones.
  18. Expat Smoggie

    NFL week 13 schedule

    Browns made some poor decisions late on and ultimately paid the price.
  19. Expat Smoggie

    NFL week 13 schedule

    Great drive by Flacco but then they miss the extra point — WTH?
  20. Expat Smoggie

    NFL week 13 schedule

    Flacco finding it tough going v Rams, at least it’s close so this could come down to 4th quarter heroics.