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  1. the_holgate_roof

    Red faction statement.. ticket prices

    Yes, it said there would be a further meeting before the Norwich game??
  2. the_holgate_roof

    The Way - Prime Film

    Definitely on my bucket list to walk the Camino de Santiago, watched The Way and like the film states, everyone will have their own individual reasons to embark on that journey, also very much about the people you will meet en route.
  3. the_holgate_roof

    Was it a penalty?

    Barlaser wasn’t a Penna, he flapped in front of goal, didn’t have a clue and then the moment had gone.
  4. the_holgate_roof

    Club is on its ****

    I think a fully fit squad we have enough for a play off position but this season has been so disjointed with injuries, but also occasional selection and formation decisions.
  5. the_holgate_roof

    Shamima Begum

    How stances have changed, I remember at the time it happened on here many people baying for blood, there was no talk of vulnerability or grooming, it was definitely all about vengeance and agreeing with the stripping of citizenship. Amazing how the passage of time effects things.
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    Middlesbrough vs Plymouth Argyle predictions

    Plymouth have only won 1 game on the road and lost 9….😒
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    South London footballers

    Agree with this, you can’t tar everyone with the same brush.
  8. the_holgate_roof

    South London footballers

    True, but I have seen cage football all over London, if you have been to QPR you see it down South Africa Road.
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    This meeting with Gibson

    Haha…..I didn’t mean it to sound like that to be honest, my point was about the tipping point and being careful about the balance, at what point does the increase in prices turn into a loss, as far as revenue generated.
  10. the_holgate_roof

    This meeting with Gibson

    If he is shotting that in without even blinking, why is he even bothering with the increases, he clearly doesn’t need them, there is a tipping point for people in this region and we are clearly very close to that.
  11. the_holgate_roof

    This meeting with Gibson

    This is so true, a lot of things around the club do seem a bit amateurish and small time, apart for the ticket prices of course, that is big league.
  12. the_holgate_roof

    This meeting with Gibson

    Absolutely, there has to be a clear strategy that would justify these increases, it is the uncertainty of intent that people feel hard to accept.
  13. the_holgate_roof

    This meeting with Gibson

    When is the next meeting pencilled in by the way?
  14. the_holgate_roof

    This meeting with Gibson

    Just scattered a few crumbs for now.
  15. the_holgate_roof

    This meeting with Gibson

    So it looks like this initial meeting went well, gaining concessions for the U18’s, so very positive, with a view to have further discussions before the Norwich game, hopefully other categories will be discussed there, good news….👍
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    This meeting with Gibson

    When are we getting the updates??
  17. the_holgate_roof

    Red Faction - walking out on 30th minute

    I honestly don’t think it will achieve anything, there won’t be a rethink on prices, if that is what people are hoping, I agree the prices are too much for the standard and level of football and this maybe a final straw for some people and it could actually reduce revenue for the club but I...
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    Red Faction - walking out on 30th minute

    The thing is, the club know they can get away with it, they know how much people are emotionally invested, they realise there will be an initial song and dance about it but people will pay it, it is part of their life.
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    Can you see us beating Leicester?

    This had typical Boro written all over it, I took Boro to win at 4/1…👍
  20. the_holgate_roof

    * The Unofficial “Official” Boro v Leicester City [Feb 2024] Match-Day Thread *

    Azaz trying to walk it in, get your shot off man!!!