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  1. HarryVegas

    Any vegans here?

    Been veggie for years and need to go full vegan but I just can't get away with the 'milk', despite having seen first hand the inbuilt cruelty of the dairy industry.
  2. HarryVegas

    Sounds a lot like someone wants their version of the SS

    That's what MI5 do.
  3. HarryVegas

    Malcolm Christie

    This is all such a sad read :(
  4. HarryVegas

    Dave Myers Hairy Biker RIP

    Thanks. He was a very nice chap, by all accounts. I've met Si and he'll be devastated.
  5. HarryVegas

    Dave Myers Hairy Biker RIP

    Take a dollop of northernness, and a generous helping of warmth. Gently cook for several decades, adding laughter and a brother with a love of life and adventure. As a finishing touch, add a sprinkling of tears and a heartfelt farewell.
  6. HarryVegas

    20 years on interview with Gibson

    There's another clique and I'm not in it?! Down with this sort of thing.
  7. HarryVegas

    Your favourite stand up set.

    Yes, there was no replacing Joe. Tim's still good value though.
  8. HarryVegas

    Could you be a Copper?

    Not a chance. I've known a few coppers and they have to deal with stuff that I wouldn't want to, all the time. It's no wonder so many of the ones I know end up jaded and with a very poor view of people.
  9. HarryVegas

    What is the North

    Deira and above!
  10. HarryVegas

    What is the North

    I remember Cameron & Osbourne's Northern Poorhouse that Wharton ended up heading up. From memory, their definition of north seemed to go about as far up the country as Sheffield.
  11. HarryVegas

    Heighington Station

    There's hope yet. The bicentenary approaching, there should be money coming into that length of track.
  12. HarryVegas

    The relationship between club and fans

    I'm sure. I avoid such places.
  13. HarryVegas

    The relationship between club and fans

    Absolutely agree. After defeats I just avoid this place. Can't stand the wallowing in misery and recriminations that dominates. It's the worst thing about our regional character.
  14. HarryVegas

    Mick Lynch says voters must grow up and see Starmer is the only alternative

    I left the Labour Party for the second time over Starmer (the first was over Blair's war) but I will be voting Labour for precisely the same reason Mick Lynch gives.
  15. HarryVegas

    Hiring a band in 1969

    My mate booked Lindisfarne back in about 71/72 for his Uni at the time. Legendary boozers, he said their drinks bill was about double what their fee was.
  16. HarryVegas


    Interesting wee BBC thing on him ...
  17. HarryVegas

    Celebrity multiple-death syndrome

    Ashley! I say, Ashley! I were in Yes Minister and A Clockwork Orange, bein' somewhat sinister. I were actually posh - me accent were fake - an' had a CV longer than a big beef steak. But me tragicomic butcher were a work of art, I made yer all laugh before breakin' yer heart.
  18. HarryVegas

    Who is 100% English?

    Over half Irish here.
  19. HarryVegas

    Best opening line in a song

    Thank you for the flowers, I threw them on the fire And I burned the photograph That you had enclosed - God, they were ugly children!